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Research local schools in your neighborhood. Figure out what schools are there and what programs they have. There are many that have bi-lingual or English as a second language programs. Ideal would be so-called "two way" program: half of the kids are native English speaker, the other half is native Spanish and the instruction language alternates every months ...


It says "visits with a [...] school", not "visits to a school". It's talking about students at foreign schools visiting the UK as part of their studies, not people who are visiting the UK to study at a UK school. Compare "I am visiting with my family", which means "I am visiting and so are, e.g., my partner and children"; "I am visiting with my school" means ...


From an immigration and customs point of view, this is perfectly possible. Assuming any connection of the type <Not Canada>–YVR–YYZ, you would face entry immigration at YVR and then, according to Canadian law, pick up your bags, pass through customs and recheck them onto the flight to YYZ (Toronto). Once you have performed these first two steps you are in ...


Whether the word "apartment" is spelled out or abbreviated is entirely unimportant. You can use whichever spelling you prefer.


You'll clear immmigration and become a temporary resident at your first port of entry into Canada. You told us that you would be entering at Vancouver, so this is where immigration will take place. After you clear immigration in Vancouver, you can do whatever you wish, provided you eventually get to your university in Toronto. Hopefully before classes start!...

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