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Can you apply? Yes. If the application form asks about your previous immigration history, you must answer truthfully. Should you be tempted to risk answering otherwise, you should be aware that Canada shares biometric information with the United States, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.


The problem here is that it appears to UK immigration like you have been effectively living in the UK by taking multiple short term courses. This is explicitly not allowed, either on short term visas or on the terms of your visa-free access as a US citizen. Not only are you going to be disallowed from obtaining more short-term visas, you may be turned away ...


Last I checked Canada was a sovereign country so in principle a US ban will have no effect on a Canadian study permit, provided you meet all the requirements to study in Canada; of course it may be the reason you were banned from US is also independently a reason for Canada not to give you a study permit.


By lying to immigration, you have made your travel life much more complicated and much riskier. The reasons are two: first, it's difficult to keep your stories straight if you say one thing to one person while saying another thing to other people (and this gets progressively harder the more people and agencies are involved), and second, some immigration ...


Rule #1 of visa applications is don't lie on visa applications. The UK short-term study visa application asks whether you have been granted any UK visas in the past ten years; so even if you apply using your Jordanian passport, you will still be required to include the details of your past short-term study visas. If you falsely answer "no" to that ...


All the airlines cares about is whether you have the papers to be accepted into the Netherlands. Since you have are a US citizen, there is no visa requirement to enter the Netherlands. As long as your passport is valid, the airline is not going to make an objection.


As a US citizen, you can travel 90 days visa-free to the Schengen area for tourism, etc. That should be sufficient for the American airline. How soon you want to leave is a Dutch concern.


As part of the Five Country Conference (FCC) High Value Data Sharing Protocol agreement your data will be shared between Australia, UK, US, NZ and Canada. There are arrangements to share name, biometrics and travel information between those countries Here is an example of how the process works in the UK:


Try a different approach completely: "I had a bad experience with UK schools not meeting my standards of honesty, but am looking forward to a better experience with the well-regarded Australian educational system." Stop acting so guilty and make the true story one that works in your favour :) (I work at an Australian University, by the way)


You should not omit it. Yet, you don't need to say which college you went to. You can simply say, "date1 - date2 : UK with student visa" and "date3 - date4 : UK with student visa". If asked, you simply say "I did not complete my studies" You don't need to say anything about college(s) being blacklisted. They blacklisted the colleges not you. You were the ...


No one here can predict how the Australian visa office will act in a particular case. Your UK immigration record attaches to you as an individual, not to your passport. Thus, holding a passport without entry or visa stamps is meaningless. Trying to hide your history is a dangerous and risky tactic. All of us here advise you not to do this. Your best ...


As Joe Malt wrote in a comment The general advice on Travel.SE is to be completely upfront and honest on visa applications. A slightly complicated travel history may cause some difficulty, but if they find out you lied (and the UK and Australia may well share data), it's likely that you'll have much more trouble getting visas in the future.


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If you have your passport, you can apply for the Schengen visa at any time in the three months leading up to your travel. But the application will be stronger if you wait until you have the study visa. If you apply before you have the study visa, you'll need to convince the consulate that you don't have a plan B of "go to Paris, stay there illegally and ...

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