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The "numerous online reports" are not true.. Your understanding is much closer. Let's start with the obvious - you cannot be in violation of US immigration overstay rules when you are not in the US. The US cannot and does not enforce this. The actual rule is very simple. If you re-enter the US less than 90 days after having been admitted on a VWP, having ...


Because the ESTA application question appears just after the applicant has entered their passport info — which passport must be from other than the US — the phrase "any other country" means any country other than the country which issued the applicant's passport. Unless someone weighs in on having had this exact experience, no one can guess if you'll be ...


My understanding is that this is intended to cover citizens' IDs like those issued by some EU countries, so you don't need to enter your old green card. But it won't hurt anything if you do.


We have crossed the Canadian border many times in a car, with multiple people having passports from a European country with Visa waiver status. They flew in the US (having an ESTA), so this should be the exact situation that you describe. In every instance, the Canadian border officers took our passports (handed through the driver's window), asked some ...

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