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Travel with company swag - Will TSA/Customs have a problem?

TSA check persons and luggage departing from an US airport for security purposes. So no, they won't be involved anywhere on a Mumbai-New York flight. It will be the local Indian equivalent who will ...
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In which US state are you the longest from another state in the contiguous US?

Just by looking at the map, I am pretty sure that the answer is Key West in Florida. From there, the closest other state is Georgia, about 650km away, at the border between Florida and Georgia just ...
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Passport application for a minor with divorced parents

The page on US passports for children under 16 is here. Normally, the child and both parents (if both have custody) need to appear in person. If one or both parents cannot attend, then the parent(s) ...
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ESTA denied due to charge back from credit card company (they initiated without our knowledge)

Get a proper, dated and signed or stamped letter from your credit card company CLEARLY saying that they accidentally did a chargeback of the ESTA fee when they meant to do so for a different ...
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USA - Do I need to apply for ESTA if I have B1/B2 visa?

An ESTA is a travel authorisation for travel to the US under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). Since you already have a valid visa, you have no need for a visa waiver to enter the US, therefore you don'...
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Can I transit through the US before the trip whose details were used for an ESTA application?

Request an ESTA for July now. Once you have an ESTA, you have an ESTA; it covers all trips to the US, not merely those with the same details as those you applied for in your first trip. If you don't ...
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Immigration and customs requirements on entering JFK (self-transfer)

As dda wrote, you will undergo immigration and customs checks at your first port of entry into the US, JFK in your case. Since you have separately ticketed flights, things will go like this: Deplane ...
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Immigration and customs requirements on entering JFK (self-transfer)

You enter the US on the first stop, unless you have been pre-cleared by US CBP at departure. CBP has pre-clearance in Abu Dhabi, but not in Dubai, I believe. So you'll have to pass through passport ...
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Can I travel outside the UK when I am waiting for my US B2 visa appointment date?

Sure, here's a more detailed explanation of the process: Traveling outside the UK: You are allowed to travel outside the UK while your US B2 visa application is pending. However, it's crucial to keep ...
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Can I take a desktop PC as a carry-on from USA to India (layover in UK)? What is the safest way to pack and carry it?

Strictly speaking, travelling with it is just a matter of packaging it for easy transport, and then hauling it on to the plane. There's nothing about it that would cause particular problems, since you ...
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Do children need a passport to travel by car from the United States to Canada and back?

Under the age of 16, a state-issued birth certificate (for each child, obviously) is adequate for Canadian and US citizens to cross the land border in either direction, when travelling with both ...
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Can I travel outside the UK when I am waiting for my US B2 visa appointment date?

Recently, while preparing for a visa appointment abroad, I encountered an issue regarding "material changes." These changes, such as job experience and travel history, are crucial when ...
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What alternative modes do I have to get from Pittsburgh to Denver?

The distance between Pittsburg and Denver is about 1500 miles (2300 km), hence flying seems to be the only viable options unless you are willing to do an overnight trip (with the associated expenses ...
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White House tour as an Indian tourist ? (Indian Embassy does not help)

No foreign embassy can organize a tour of the White House. The White House staff organizes tours. But applications have to made either via a member of the Congress (in case of US citizens) or via a ...
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How do I apply for a US visitor visa after overstaying less than 180 days?

Since you have previously had a visa denied, and this is a visit for tourism, your only option is to apply for a B2 visa. Assuming they're UK citizens, your children can travel on the VWP though. I ...
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Repeated personal visits to US - is it a problem?

When is the safest date or month should I be travelling to US to visit my friends or relatives again? Unfortunately, the answer is "no one knows". In contrast to most other countries, the ...
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