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Can I travel to Greece with a criminal record?

I am a Mexican national. I served a 3 year sentence in jail in USA and was then deported to Mexico (drug offense) 2016-2018 (2 years 8 months). I currently traveled to the Dominican Republic. In ...
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How to generate a Shanghai QR Code for a foreign 3y old kid?

Due to the 2020 epidemic, museums in Shanghai are restricting access to kids who can show a green "Shanghai QR Code". As a traveller, how do I get a "Shanghai QR Code" for my 3y old kid who is a ...
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Where can I dance "Mazurca" in Cape-Verde?

There is a variant of Mazurka in Cape-Verde. Are there some places or events where someone can see it and maybe give it a try? I'm looking specially for Mazurca but any advice for dancing other ...
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Why are the restaurant cars in Hungarian trains closed in Germany?

While on a Hungarian MÁV-START train, I noticed an odd sign saying that due to regulation, the bistro carriage will not be serving food while in Germany. From some googling, it seems that German ...
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Do Articles 8 and 9 of EC261 not apply to flight cancellations announced 2+ weeks in advance?

Regarding the EC261 regulation, I know Article 7 (compensation) doesn't apply if the flight is cancelled more than two weeks in advance. However, it's always been my understanding that Article 8 (...
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Is it possible to courier passport of my 3 month old son to the US from India?

My three month old son is a US citizen (born in the US) and we are of Indian origin. He left for India on an entry visa with his mother recently. Before leaving, I prepared all required documentation ...
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Greek hotels taking pictures of passports for tourist tax

Anyone had the experience of their passport being photographed at check-in at Greek hotels? So far this happened twice to me at different hotels. I travel often to Greece and this practice was never ...
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Can I leave Switzerland with an expired B permit but with a re-rentry visa?

I'm gonna leave Switzerland on Nov. 25th for a conference trip, but my B permit will be expired on Nov. 11th. The new one, for which I applied today, will not be delivered before my departure. So, ...
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Can I send a different passport than I applied for the Canadian visa with?

I have applied for a Canada Visitor visa and after a long long wait, I have received a letter from Canada requesting I send my passport to the embassy. My passport will expire after exactly one year ...
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I was placed under a 72-hour psychiatric hold. Am I ineligible for TSA Precheck?

A psychiatric nurse placed me under an "M1 hold" (Colorado-specific term fo 72-hour psychiatric hold) last year. After I spent the night in the hospital, the hospitalist subsequently ...
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How to search for airplane lie flat seats

What's the best way search for airplane lie-flat seats ? One of the biggest factors especially for long haul flights is what type of seat you're travelling in with "lie-flat" being by far ...
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Do I need to renew my address registration card in Serbia when changing hotels?

I entered Serbia a few days ago, and my first hotel registered me with police within 24 hours of my arrival as required by law. The hotel owner gave me a completed address registration card signed and ...
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Long distance hiking in Russia. Is it possible with a visa?

I'm have been thinking about a hiking trip to Siberia for a while. This could be a month long thing. I'm a Finnish national, and have prior experience on the environmental conditions from here, and ...
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How can a France-Philippines couple visit each other?

My girlfriend lives in Philippines, I am from France. Right now, because of covid19, I can't find a way for me to go there or a way for her to come to me. I even tried to see if Spain was a ...
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Where to obtain crisp new US dollar bills in London?

I’m travelling to Cambodia and have to bring $2000 USD in cash to pay for the quarantine facility. Immigration are adamant that I have to bring brand new crisp US currency (no tears, marks, creases ...

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