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Can I travel to Greece with a criminal record?

I am a Mexican national. I served a 3 year sentence in jail in USA and was then deported to Mexico (drug offense) 2016-2018 (2 years 8 months). I currently traveled to the Dominican Republic. In ...
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Where can I dance "Mazurca" in Cape-Verde?

There is a variant of Mazurka in Cape-Verde. Are there some places or events where someone can see it and maybe give it a try? I'm looking specially for Mazurca but any advice for dancing other ...
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Requesting a copy of the US Secure Flight Overflight Table

I am currently facing a challenge with a client who is experiencing difficulties while attempting to fly out of Canada. I posted about it a few months ago here - Canadian citizen likely on a US no-fly ...
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Do Articles 8 and 9 of EC261 not apply to flight cancellations announced 2+ weeks in advance?

Regarding the EC261 regulation, I know Article 7 (compensation) doesn't apply if the flight is cancelled more than two weeks in advance. However, it's always been my understanding that Article 8 (...
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Where can I view Timatic information for a given day in the past?

Where can I access Timatic information for a given day in the past? E.g. see Timatic information when flying from country X to country Y on date yyyy-mm-dd. From what I can see searching for a ...
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Is it possible to courier passport of my 3 month old son to the US from India?

My three month old son is a US citizen (born in the US) and we are of Indian origin. He left for India on an entry visa with his mother recently. Before leaving, I prepared all required documentation ...
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Can I send a different passport than I applied for the Canadian visa with?

I have applied for a Canada Visitor visa and after a long long wait, I have received a letter from Canada requesting I send my passport to the embassy. My passport will expire after exactly one year ...
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Can you apply for a Schengen visa for and in the country you currently live in?

Is it possible for someone to apply for a Schengen visa for the country in which they currently live but plan to move away from in the near future? If so, how would this work, given that you normally ...
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Can I attach a 4inch toilet raiser to an airline toilet seat as I’m unable to get off a normal toilet alone with my disability

I have a muscle wasting disease and am unable to get off a normal toilet- we take a 4” toilet seat that easily screws onto toilets when we travel (with wipes and always clean it etc) it fits standard ...
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How to search for airplane lie flat seats

What's the best way search for airplane lie-flat seats ? One of the biggest factors especially for long haul flights is what type of seat you're travelling in with "lie-flat" being by far ...
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DS160: consequences of answering NO to "Do you wish to provide information about your presence on any other websites"?

In the online US visa application form (DS160) there is the following question about social media presence: Do you wish to provide information about your presence on any other websites or ...
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What is considered "reasonable expenses" for reimbursement when Ryanair cancels a flight?

Ryanair cancelled a flight on a lightly scheduled route from Brussels, Belgium to Nantes, France and could not get my family on another Ryanair flight until 2 days later. I was told by the chat agent ...
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Is there a Schengen equivalent of a Redress Control Number?

I recently learnt that I have the same first name, last name and birthdate as someone who has been banned from entering the Schengen area. According to a border police officer, this will cause me to ...
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Can business class passengers be downgraded to economy class without being reimbursed for the full difference?

I was reading Flight Compensation Regulation of the European Union, Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 and article 10 talks about upgrading and downgrading. It mentions the following: If an operating air ...
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I was placed under a 72-hour psychiatric hold. Am I ineligible for TSA Precheck?

A psychiatric nurse placed me under an "M1 hold" (Colorado-specific term fo 72-hour psychiatric hold) last year. After I spent the night in the hospital, the hospitalist subsequently ...

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