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Flying with GOL airlines without a CPF

As other answers stated, ANAC (Brazilian government agency) does not impose any requirements on passengers to have CPF in order to fly, but that does not stop airlines from making your life harder if ...
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UK Refugee travel document (blue color) and visas for Netherlands and Germany

Assuming your blue travel document says "Convention of 28 July 1951" then no, you do not need a visa. It's important to add however, that (as you've noticed) the rules are not uniform ...
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Can I use Advance Parole (I-131 Travel Document) to transit through European airports?

I'm sure this trip already happened, but for other Iranian citizens in a similar situation, see the Timatic output below for travel from USA to third-country via the Netherlands. Note: An I-131 ...
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Who qualifies as a "a person of good standing in their community" for countersigning UK passport applications? Is it objective or subjective?

When I was first asked to countersign someone's UK passport application, I carefully read the rules. However, I was neither clearly eligible nor ineligible. So, I called a helpline, chatted for a ...
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