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I want to contribute for the above answer for some: Actually, there are many websites that offer Vietnam visa services like,,, and many more. They are all approved by the Vietnam government to process visa service. However, it's worth noting that the one with "" ...


In general, yes you will need some form of identification, even if you are British or Irish (counterintuitively, as evidence of this fact, so that you then don't legally need identification), but it doesn't necessarily need to be photo ID such as a passport. The precise rules will depend on your carrier, but to quote from the Stena Line FAQ: I’M A ...


Usually they dont check anything except your passport and visa. but better to carry 1.Invitation letter (Incase of a business visa) 2.Travel Insurance (Mandatory document, should cover the travel duration) 3.Accomodation proof (Hotel bookings) 4.Air Tickets (to and fro)


No, but under the United States' Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI), the other documents you could use instead of a passport are fairly limited: U.S. citizens can present a valid: U.S. Passport; Passport Card; Enhanced Driver’s License; Trusted Traveler Program card (NEXUS, SENTRI or FAST); U.S. Military identification card when traveling on ...


You need either a passport, a Nexus card or an Enhanced Driver's License to enter Canada. See this. For returning, you can use a passport, Nexus card, Enhanced Driver's license or a birth certificate. Official information here. So, to answer your title question, no, but you do need another proof of citizenship.


I could find no statement in the German guidelines that proof is mandatory and it is not stated in the application. However, they are required to be sure that you will leave after the granted vist. So submitting proof would likly highten your chances of receiving the visa.


Source: TIMATIC, the database used by airlines. None of you need a visa to transit at either Belgrade or Abu Dhabi. Even if having to pick up luggage, both of you can enter both Serbia and the UAE. Your friend needs their passport, and you need your passport and German residence card. So you're all good.


Promise 1: By Airline To Country X. As a condition of flying into country X, the airline promises country X to remove you if you are refused. That is a promise to country X, not to you; in this transaction you are nothing but cargo.* This applies for any reason you are refused. Promise 2: By You to the Airline. You promise that if you are refused, you ...


There is the obligation to bring back the passenger. As far I know, there is no obligation to make such flight free. And this obligation is toward the arrival country. Note: Visa is not a permission to entry to a country. It is just a stamp that tell immigration officer that you had a pre-check. And possibly a link to your documents. This is just done to ...


The airline has no obligation towards a passenger who doesn't have the right visa. Any airline that flies internationally will have a clause in their conditions of carriage that says it is the passenger's own responsibility to have the right travel documentation. They reserve the right to deny you boarding if you're lacking a visa you need, but that is in ...


At first I thought "I need a passport". That part is true for sure. US Citizens need a passport to get BACK to the US from just about anywhere, so that's important. Whether you need a visa or other documentation is country specific. Most of the countries in the EU (Germany among them) are part of the Schengen Agreement. The Schengen agreement allows ...


You don't need a visa to enter France if you hold a Travel Document in Lieu of National Passport, and the travel document shows your citizenship as Israeli. This is the typical case if you are a recent immigrant to Israel. The official French government visa site states you do not need a visa in this case. It is also shown in Timatic, the database which ...


That'd be the BSN. The Dutch Citizen Service Number (BSN) is your official national identification in the Netherlands. It replaced the old social security number (sofinummer) in 2007. The Dutch BSN was introduced in July 2007 to enhance the efficiency of government administration and improve public service delivery to citizens. The BSN in the ...


having worked as a customer service agent for a big airline group, i know that there are only random checks regarding the billing info, like one out of a hundred or so. wrong billing info does not affect the actual issuing of an e-ticket(all tickets now are e-tickets). the billing info is checked if there's a fraud filed from the owner of the card only.


If you're a US citizen, you don't need a US passport to enter Canada, but people who have traveled with only a birth certificate have reported being delayed at the Canadian border and having their vehicles searched. If you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, you must carry proof of citizenship such as a passport, birth certificate, a certificate of ...

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