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Can one apply for a UK Visit Visa and France Schengen visa together / in parallel?

While we have seen questions here saying otherwise, it is usually recommended to apply for visas in “reverse order”, I.e. the one for the latest country first. This is because it’s likely the French ...
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What kind of UK visa to apply for?

From, Business or academic visits You can apply for a Standard Visitor visa if you’re coming to the UK for certain business or academic activities, such as: going to meetings or conferences ...
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Why are they helping to pay for your visit?

In this specific case, Basic answer would be : because she's my sister and she loves me. (duh). But as stated in comments, you should state the truth... And if you don't really know why your sister is ...
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Indian - Applying for UK Visit visa (6 months) - Self, housewife and son

You are forgetting she is your wife so if you upload your document it will be fine after all you will have to provide evidence that she is your wife with ID and bank statement etc that means she ...
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Standard UK visa rejected due to misinterpretation

If you are confident that this misinterpretation was the only obstacle to you being granted the visa, you can immediately apply again. This time, add an explanation to your bank statements linking the ...
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UK Visitor visa: Can parents depart country of origin a day before the validity date?

Your parents can leave the Philippines whenever they want as far as UK immigration is concerned. UK authorities can of course check their plane tickets and see that they come directly from the ...
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What documents are needed to justify the funds transferred in bulk indicated in my bank statement, to be submitted for UK visitor visa application?

It's advisable to include a letter from your parents explaining the source of the funds, confirming their retirement status, and expressing their support for your studies and trip. You can also ...
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