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Is 2 hours sufficient at Chicago O'Hare for transit between two international flights for an Indian with JAL airlines

Getting from T5 to T3 is very straightforward (O'Hare official web site): The Terminal Transfer Bus runs every 15 minutes and will take you directly from T5 to T3. You will not stay air side so you ...
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Is a Kuwait transit visa needed for an Indian passport holder who has a GCC Resident Card?

No not if your a permanent resident
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My passport's 1st laminated page peeled off slightly, but no data/text was disturbed and it just may be lost glue. Will this stop Bali immigration?

This doesn't seems like much damage. However, Indian immigration is usually very strict on damage to passport and I have been warned for damages even minor than this when boarding. Since the damage is ...
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Is my Indian passport damaged?

Yes. This is definitely considered damaged. My wife's passport had some brown spots and they (passport office) said it was damaged. You have to renew it anyway. You can try your luck and say that its ...
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Indian passport holder with less than 6 months before expiry travelling back to India

You are allowed to travel to India till the date of expiry of passport. You have to renew the passport in India before traveling back. The information you got for 6 months is valid only for visiting ...
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