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Is it worth appealing a France visa refusal?

You have a misunderstanding of what an appeal is for. Appeals are not for when you disagree with the decision of an immigration officer - it's for when such an officer has made a clear and ...
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UK visitor visa refusal under false documents

Get advice from a qualified UK solicitor. You can use the search engine at the Immigration Law Practioners’ Association to start emailing them with the refusal notice (redacted) and a summary of your ...
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How to get a copy of a refusal letter for a Canadian visa application?

I'm not familiar with Canada's data protection laws, but you should be able to get a copy of your records from the Canadian immigration authority. Assuming your daughters are under the age of 16/18, ...
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What did I do wrong in my interview for a US tourist visa? What can I do to avoid refusal in the future?

"so your friend not accompanying" That question determines your fate . You should have said no he will not because he will be on duty, or he will be engaged due to the nature of his work. ...
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USA visa cancellation in the past and applying for a new UK visa

I don't know what to do? Tell the truth. If I answer no, will they discover it? They may, the US and the UK share information. If I told what happened with the US visa, will my UK visa be refused? ...
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What is my punishment if caught with a fake ID card from Poland?

For at least the next 5 years (time a visa application stays on the Visa Information system), it's unlikely you'll get a Schengen visa at all as using a fake ID is extremely bad for your credibility ...
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