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The UK and Canada are both part of the "Five Eyes" group and exchange immigration data with each other. That means (as you seem to know already) that you should assume Canada will be aware of your previous UK visa refusal. This information will certainly be taken into account when deciding on any future visa application. I once applied to UK in ...


So I wonder whether it would be possible to travel from transit zone to transit zone, No. When boarding a flight from A to B, the airline MUST check whether you meet immigration and Covid requirements for your destination country and will decline boarding if you can't show these. If you have a "good" passport you may be able to get away with the ...


While the concept is interesting, it is unlikely except perhaps in very limited cases. The issue is that it is difficult to prevent you from leaving an airport. So, when boarding, you would have to meet the requirements of the destination country of your ticket. Simply telling the agent that you don't intend to leave will not make them waive pre-boarding ...


This is not practical because many airlines will check if you have the right to enter your destination country. In theory you could book the entire trip before leaving, and claim that your destination country is the same as your home country, but your question was about booking onward travel when already partway through the journey.

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