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It is perfectly alright. All you need is a confirmed ticket out of the country. It doesn’t have to go back to the origin. Onward in this case is as good as Return. I have done this a number of times, and have never had a problem. Think about this: If an eVisa disallowed a transit visit to the country, Turkish airlines would have lost a ton of its ...


As a Canadian, you do not need a visa to be admitted in B-1 (business visitor) or B-2 (pleasure visitor) status. (You are also not eligible to participate in the Visa Waiver Program; Canadians are exempted from the visa requirement by a different section of the law. If you try to apply for ESTA, you will see that "Canada" is not available in the list of ...


Canadians don't need a visa or ESTA to visit the United States for less than 180 days. Everything permitted by B-1 is permitted without one and very few special cases need a B-2 visa but being a tourist for a short period is not one.


My question now is, since I have my passport with me, can I apply for a tourist visa now- Schengen or Australian? (I will only travel after my visa switch is approved) Yes. Will my tourist visa be invalidated after my residence status is changed? No.


You do not need an invitation letter to visit Canada. Millions of people visit Canada without one. If someone has actually invited You to Canada they should send a letter, but if nobody has it does not matter. There is no set amount of money you need in your accounts. They want to see that you have the money to pay for your visit of course. But they also ...


To add to Michael Hampton's answer: 29th May 2019: - Attended Biometric interview - Same day, went to a UPS store and asked for a 1-day shipping label (as per the address here!) and similar return shipping label to my home address. It cost ~$75 in total from Atlanta. - Included the passport, biometric confirmation receipt and supporting documents (packet ...

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