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Appealing an Australian Visa Refusal (Tourist)

Can we use as additional proof of financial capacity an Affidavit of Support and Undertaking from her husband and credit card statement and ownership of a service vehicle to prove that she will be ...
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Indian passport holders applying to both Australian and NZ visa (from India)

As a rule of thumb, countries do not care about other countries' visas, whether you can enter New Zealand is not Australia's concern and vice versa. So yes, you can apply for the visas in parallel. ...
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South Korea transit visa waiver program

According to this document, you are only allowed in Korea visa-free on your way back from Australia, if you only have an e-visa, and no label/sticker in your passport. If you have a label, you're good ...
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Why was the "piece concept" of baggage applied on an Australia-Japan flight?

As mentioned in a comment, this seems to be ANA regular luggage allowance, not something specific to this flight or the way you booked your ticket. I thought airlines in Europe actually combined both ...
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