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Posters on and report having received 12 month visas at the age of 30


As noted on the Department's web site on the Working Holiday visa: Stay longer on a visitor visa Generally we don't grant a visitor visa after you have been in Australia on a Work and Holiday visa. If you want to apply for a Visitor visa to stay longer in Australia and the Visitor visa would result in you staying longer than 12 consecutive ...


Supposedly if your drone batteries are properly stored in a Lipo Battery Fireproof bag you can get the batteries confiscated, as well as face a hefty fine, and might even be denied boarding onto the plane. Here's a link to the bag:


I'm going to assume you've applied online rather than at an embassy/consulate/visa office. If not, you should contact the place you submitted your application. You should be able to check your application status via ImmiAccount. The Australian Department of Home Affairs says: Check your application status If you applied online you can check your ...


Australia does not have a six month passport validity rule. Your passport only needs to be "current [and] valid" when you arrive, according to the Department of Home Affairs.


I have used the Indian Pacific and the Ghan back in 2005. There have been some changes since, according to the site of the man in seat 61, so I checked the details to make sure I give you the right information. When I used it, I had a seat in a sit-up carriage, these days those are not sold anymore, so you will need to buy a more expensive ticket, which ...


As far as I can tell, Australia does not send a response after your Form 929 change is processed. To know if your visa has been transferred, you can check the status of your Australia visa in VEVO by entering your passport details of your new passport.

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