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Can I bring dried chillies to Australia?

The Exemptions are listed on this page, which is linked from the one you included above (click on 'List of high-risk plant products' to see it). I won't reproduce the list here, as it will potentially ...
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How can you open an Australian bank account with a short-term visa?

If you sign up for a Wise account, you get fully functional Aussie bank details if you create an AUD balance within your account. It allows you to receive money and send money like a local. I’m not ...
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Travelling to Australia for conference presentation

If your colleague and you are not family, you should apply separately. I was in a similar situation as yours some years ago: a colleague and I had to go together to OZ for work. We applied separately -...
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Could I bring my furry dog plushie into Australia?

If it’s just a toy containing no food, plant material or animal items, and it doesn’t fall into any of the other banned goods categories, for example a fake designer product, then you don’t need to ...
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