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Situation where visa was not required for a connecting airport but delay or issues with the airlines visa to be now required

In your case it's rather easy, as you hold a valid US visa. This allows you to apply for a visa on arrival valid for 14 days, assuming you're an Indian citizen. According to the UAE Embassy in ...
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Can I book a passport appointment in India for re-issue (after minor change) at a PSK or POPSK other than the one in my home city?

The Passport Rules, 1980 state : (2) An officer referred to in column (2) of Schedule 1 shall, for the purpose of issue of a passport or travel document, exercise jurisdiction in respect of ...
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No Surname in my passport, But my visa got approved on F1

I have two US visas; in both cases my first name was given as FNU. This should pose no problems (though I didn't need a SSN or a driving licence during my time there).
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No Surname in my passport, But my visa got approved on F1

FNU (abbreviation of "first name unknown") is printed on a US visa if the passport does not identify a separate first/given name and last/family name. Having FNU on your visa is generally ...
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