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Last time I went to Germany and researched this in detail (about a month ago) the answer was "Sample must have been taken no more than 48 hours before the scheduled arrival in Germany" The negative test result was checked 4 times! During initial check in for the entire trip, before boarding the flight to Germany, when exiting the plane in Germany ...


Is there any place at all where we can travel from Germany easily during these times? You can „travel“ to: Google Streetview Google Earth TV travel documentaries Atlases Travel guidebooks / Wikivoyage Other online options


Can we travel to Denmark as a tourist ? Unknown. This would be a difficult trip to do and will require a few hours of research just to find out the details for your specific situation. Here are a few points that I have found but since rules are hard to interpret and changing very quickly these may not be up to date or accurately represented Denmark only ...

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