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Can I visit Norway on my Passport Talent (France) visa?

You definitely can, a national D visa gives you access to other Schengen members for short-stays, this provided you don't get over the 90/180 clock
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Traveling to France on Passport Talent visa

What kind of phone networks are available in France? Which one is the cheapest (in terms of both SIM card prices and internet packages)? You have Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free From personal ...
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Toll road cost for car ride from Marseille to Perpignan

The best way to calculate toll pricing in France is to use ViaMichelin (not affiliated) Putting in Marseille to Perpignan will give you a summary like this And you can find the cost section with the ...
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How to find past timetables of the French SNCF trains?

The European Rail Timetable and its predecessor the Thomas Cook European Timetable contain information about a variety of trains throughout Europe, and, being print books, old editions do not auto-...
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What are my options for travelling from Neufchâteau, France to Joan of Arc's birthplace in Domrémy-la-Pucelle?

While I can not find buses to Domrémy-la-Pucelle, (there may still be,) and taxis from the nearest stations may well be expensive, you can go the last bit by bicycle. Google found me a bike rental in ...
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Declaring extra cigarettes when entering the EU

400 cheap cigarettes from Home for personal use and declare it to CGD [French] customs, will they automatically slap a fine or let me through ? You do not pay a fine if you delare items at customs ...
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Cheapest French bank ATM for withdrawing cash using non-EU debit card?

I'm back from my holiday in south-west France. Happy New Year to you all. I was using a Mastercard debit card from a UK bank. This is what I found out: The following banks' ATMs offered a choice ...

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