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The answer to how far in advance you can book an appointment at a particular NEXUS enrollment center seems to depend on the enrollment center. There do not appear to be any solid rules there. The only way to determine the dates that are currently available for selection is to go to the scheduler, select the enrollment center, and browse the available dates. ...


That is a landing card, or declaration card, on which travelers to Canada make an official customs declaration to the Canada Border Services Agency. There are English and French versions of this card. When flying to some Canadian airports you can use a smartphone app instead of the card. Many countries use landing cards, but some are beginning to get rid of ...


No, you don't have to show them proof of funds. As you have mentioned, proof of funds is only asked when you apply for your visa as part of your visa application. I have been to Canada on a visitor visa four times so far from USA and I was never asked that question. They will just ask you "What is the purpose of your visit and how long and where are you ...


You don't need to supply the exchange rate between your currency and Canada's currency (or any other country you might apply for a visa). Exchange rates are public information available to anyone on the Internet, and they will simply look it up themselves.


Indian citizens need a visa to enter or transit Canada, even if resident in the USA. (Permanent residents with a green card don't need a visa though.) Looking up visa processing times for temporary resident visas (the category under which a Canadian transit visa exists in Canadian law) shows the processing time in the USA is currently 14 days. It seems ...


There are going to be problems here Immigration Canada says that: People employed in a personal capacity, for example, as a domestic servant, personal assistant or nanny (caregiver), on a full-time basis by short-term temporary residents generally meet the business visitor criteria in paragraphs R187(3)(a) and (b) and may enter as business visitors. ...


A Canadian visit visa costs C$100. Information about eligibility and how to apply is available here Processing times for applications submitted from the UAE are currently 36 days, excluding the time needed to give biometrics


Unfortunately the majority of these websites are legal, on the grounds that they are (officially at least) not claiming to be the official eTA website, but instead a website that will help you obtain your eTA. At some level, this is no different to companies like H&R Block that assist you with filing your tax return - you can do it yourself for cheaper, ...


The article you linked to is about permanent residence in Canada, as you are just applying for a visitor visa for a short time this doesn't apply to you.


The processing times for Canadian temporary resident visas (of which the transit visa is one type) applied in the USA is currently 19 days. It's very unlikely that you would be able to receive this visa before tomorrow. You should contact your ticketing carrier immediately to change your flight itinerary to transit through another country.


Air travel: Without correct papers, you will not be flying today. Land travel: Canada will let you in with a smile, because your state driver's license is good enough for them. USA Immigration has an interesting problem. First, you are a US citizen so you have the irrefutable right to enter the United States. But second, US law requires you have ...

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