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The schedule is published on the train website here with the first train at 06:40 and the last at 18:00:


Seattle to Vancouver When arriving at the train station and checking-in your passport and documents will be checked. Your documents will also be checked when arriving at Vancouver. The Amtrak website provides some guidance for this: When Travelling The form of identification you carry with you on your trip should be the same piece of ID that you ...


Canadian immigration will want to know a number of things about your trip including: The purpose of your visit who is paying for your visit If you have permission from your work to make the visit That you will not be doing illegal work They also need evidence to back up all these points. If you are travelling for work, a letter from your employer should ...


You should be truthful. That means you should answer yes, because you applied in 2005.


I can add a few experiences from the US. One employee had to ask a supervisor if they accepted my credit card that lacks embossed name and number (despite a VISA logo on the front side). Does the card have a PIN? If so some employees don't know how to handle it if their terminal asks for it.


Your MasterCard branded card should work fine with some caveats: The big one is that the card doesn't have EMV contactless (which isn't really a thing in Korea) so you won't be able to tap it on the terminal. You can't even use Google Pay or Apple Pay, which apparently don't accept Korean credit/debit cards. LG Pay and Samsung Pay might work if you have it, ...


A MasterCard branded card will most likely work just fine, the only time I have had a MasterCard that did not work was a mainland China card that was clearly stated only for mainland China use.


You can transit Canada using any type of temporary resident visa (tourist, business, student, etc). A separate transit visa is not required. Note that on this itinerary you won't pass through Canada immigration anyway; you will go directly through the transit corridor to US preclearance. (This doesn't apply if you have separate tickets or your checked ...


I have been there in the off-season. There is NOBODY checking passports :) We were a large group of scouts camping on the Canadian side but used the field on the US side for some activities. There was a “wire gate” strung up at the “border” but that was it. You can’t really get ANYWHERE from there. Ross lake is lowered so you’re not about to jet boat it ...


Canada does not care what country you travel from. You can get your study permit at any airport of entry. The main thing you need to be concerned about is that your letter of introduction specifies the last date which you can enter Canada to get your study permit. You must do so on or before that date.


Your mother is allowed six months per visit, as you know. Leaving after six months for just a few days, returning for another four months will look very much like she's trying to live in the US. She risks being refused entry. This is at the discretion of the border guard, who is required to presume immigrant intent. She may have been allowed entry under ...

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