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Under subsection 183(2) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, the border officer at the point of entry may decide a period other than the default six-month period for a temporary resident based on several factors: Authorized period of stay (2) Subject to subsections (3) to (5), the period authorized for the stay of a temporary resident is ...


At the present time, as a vaccinated Spanish citizen flying from a low-risk country, you do not need a pre-flight covid test. This Spanish Ministry of Health page describes the current requirements. Drilling down on that page will reveal the EU list of low-risk countries (Canada is on the list) and the text of the Spanish Health Control Form which you must ...


LHR has internal transfer path where you can transfer between terminals without crossing the UK border. I've transferred from T3 to T2 before without any passport control in between. Follow the purple "Connections" signs, they should take you to a bus that goes between the terminals.


They say avoid dairy but am sure cookies don’t count. I have got in with 2 big boxes of cookies from india last week into canada. Candies are no problem. Check the immigration declaration form used by CBSA


If it's less than 20kg and does not contain meat, no problem. I guess I would avoid saying the words "mincemeat" just in case it's misunderstood. Canada does not have as strict rules about food imports as the US, since the latter is (with some justification) more worried about terrorist attacks on the food supply.

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