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How to transfer between 2 international flights on IAH within 2 hours as ESTA holder

That's tight but should be doable. You can check recent immigration wait times here: using your specific arrival time and weekday. Average wait times are about 20 minutes but max ...
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Connecting Outbound International Flight

Is there anything I should be aware of that will cause issues? If your outbound flight to JFK is cancelled or late enough that you end up missing the flight, you will need to pay a new ticket ...
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Can I bring prepackaged food into the Netherlands?

As long as it's in a sealed package this should be all fine. You can double check the specific items here:
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How can I check if this airline ticket is genuine?

I agree with @Nicolas Formichella's answer that this is a scam. Don't send any (more) money. Some more details: Paketpostzentrum is in German language, thus it cannot be relevant for a flight from ...
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How can I check if this airline ticket is genuine?

This is a scam, 1000% All Boeing 747s have been retired back in 2020 from the BA Fleet The times are different on the same page (see the 07:40 arrival and the 00:15 arrival) The departure time from ...
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Self employment, how to fill my annual income?

Co-mingling of business and personal funds unfortunately does make this a bit complicated. To summarise: Your father's business operates from his personal account. Income for his business goes into it,...
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