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Some. I've promoted some on (my site) and on the FB page when applicable (I usually tend to focus on flights but there have been some amazing ones). For example, the 5-Star Hyatt Regency Sydney from $179 for a King Room, with Free Cancellation at New Years and on weekends at Christmas period, was/is a great price.


at a cheaper rate than they'd normally be offered? Hard to tell. There is not really a "normal" price for hotels in urban areas any more and the prices fluctuate a lot depending a lot on supply & demand. Before the pandemic, pricing was extremely dynamic and it was not unusual to see room prices go up or down by a factor 3-4 in matter of days. One night ...


It's difficult to answer in the general case, and you may want to consult with an immigration attorney. But, some options to consider include: Your mother is allowed to stay in the United States while her application for extension of status is being processed. If the application is ultimately approved but looks set to expire before she is prepared to leave, ...

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