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Small but very important correction: what you have is a layover not a stopover. As such, you could spend the entire time airside ie past security. Unless they shut down the entire airport (which did happen before but not often) your flight will happen just fine, protests don't (can't) extend past security. I wouldn't worry too much.


There will be essentially no impact. The coronation will take place on the grounds of the Imperial Palace, very much off limits to the public, and subsequent celebrations consist of a banquet limited to a few hundred invited guests only. In general, the Japanese Imperial family both holds itself at arm's length from and is kept at a distance by the general ...


Assuming your wife is expecting to travel on the Bakerloo Line (i.e. the brown one), then at that time of day, it's not likely the trains will be packed rush hour style, since the festivities start earlier and finish later, and are centred a significant distance to the west, and on the Central Line and Hammersmith & City Line. There are likely to be more ...

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