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This error occurs in the MyJio app, try to recharge using the Jio website through an internet browser.


Foreign credit cards may not usually work for online cellular recharges. I tried with my Singapore credit card and was getting a similar failure. Switched to an Indian card and went fine. You can approach a local shop to recharge by cash, or ask a local friend to help.


Well we (my friend and I) had a problem similar to this one, but we realised it right at the check ins, two hours before the take-off. After an hour of explaining and showing the ID and telling the man at the check ins that we were really tired when we booked the ticket and we made a mistake spelling the name, he finally let us through. I think it's just a ...


Found the answer on Quora: The food/catering cost is not included in the fare of the Suvidha Express train. But you can always order either from the IRCTC app or there will be an employee of the railway staff who will come and collect your breakfast/ lunch/ tea-coffee-evening snacks/ dinner orders. Here is the Quora link:


Yes it is possible with e-visa to travel out and back in to India through Banbasa border crossing. I just tried today :). But you can not return same day (as I wanted). You need to stay in Nepal for 1 night and return next day. You need to pay 2400 Inr at Nepali border and they give you 15 days Nepali Visa. They also need 1 passport photo. Basically you ...


That's true the validate phone numbers, and you can call customer care and short out the issue. They may have some anonymous booking options. The redbus customer care number is +91994560000 (24*7)


For anyone reading an old thread it IS a risk that the airline will not let you on. My granted e-visa read "surname, first name, first name repeated". I left from the US to a connecting flight via Singapore Airlines. My middle name is not a repeat of my first name so Singapore Airlines did NOT allow me to board my flight to India on that detail alone. It ...


I haven't bought Indian train tickets for a while, but previously when the IRCTC asks for the verification number then you can email them personally explaining the situation, attach a scanned passport image and they'll activate the account for you without an Indian phone number However AFAIK in the recent years when signing up for a new account you're ...


If you encounter problems (like I did) on the IRCTC site, you can book bus tickets with RedBus, Ixigo or MakemyTrip applications on your mobile/PC. I've used them many times and they work ok.


For IRCTC, This popup happens when there is no tickets availabile in the train or the train tickets are waiting list, as of our booking time. The popup will show 2 options, either you can click "Continue with Previous Booking" or else check the availability of alternate trains on the route which will be shown on the down side of the popup window. Then the ...


To book online in IRCTC, you can use a foreign mobile number. It can cost a bit more, but works. You will also get a special Quota for foreigners, so higher chances of booking confirmation on busy routes. For Bus, Redbus is most popular application. It should accept a foreign mobile number. By the way, you can take an Indian SIM by providing your passport ...


The $10,000 figure is for cash or cash equivalents (such as a cashier's check). Cash is not a good, therefore it is not subject to duty, but it is required to be reported for law enforcement purposes if it is greater than $10,000 USD-equivalent in value. Your jewelry is not a cash or cash equivalent, so the $10,000 limit to file FinCEN 105 does not have ...


Lakshadweep is remote and undeveloped, so fully independent tourism is not really possible. With the exception of a few places on the main island of Agatti, almost all resorts in the islands are operated by the government-owned Society for Promotion of Nature Tourism and Sports (SPORTS). As far as I'm aware there are no hostels, homestays etc. So if you ...


As per the law, ALL gold and diamond jewelry must be declared as per its current estimated value, even if the items are used or inherited. USA charges custom duty at approximately 6% of the total value. Failing to declare jewelry could be a criminal offense with steep penalties and possible jail time as it may be considered as the equivalent of fraud


If visa is multiple entry and is still valid, it means that the visa can be used again to enter India.

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