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For now, plan as if the travel goes on as per the flights you were booked on but I would not book thing where you do not get your money back if you do have to cancel. Most likely you will be offered an alternative that gets you from Lisbon to Bergen and from Bergen to Lisbon around the same time, but if no other flights are available it might be a few days ...


As Doc wrote, you should call your airline. If your last leg is cancelled, they will most probably not let you fly the first leg and cancel it as well: if they let you fly to Hong Kong, they would have to provide assistance for you (pay for hotels and meals) while you're stuck there, and they most probably don't want to do that. Airlines usually have ...


You should call your airline ASAP. It is most likely the airline will automatically rebook you on a new itinerary, which could potentially involve them moving both your Europe -> Hong Kong and Hong Kong -> Manila flights to a later date. If you were to turn up to try and catch your original Europe -> HK flight you may well find that you no longer have a ...


Postpone if you can.....fires are very unpredictable at this time with extreme heat and wind changes....surely you can pick a better time.....Autumn is always lovely here btw! Very smokey here tonight because of Blue Mountain fires getting worse!


My nephew moved to Sydney in Sept. The air quality is also VERY poor. They stay inside... people wear masks... Avoid traveling there.


If you don't cancel you'll be charged the full amount. If you do cancel you'll be charged the cancellation fee, which looks like $150. Those would appear to be the contract terms. If you have no funds in your card they may come after you some other way.

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