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I don't think that there is a single popular platform for finding accommodation in Poland. There are at least few sites that seems to have decent amount of listings like or Also Polish equivalent of eBay - has some offers here. Of course AirBnb is quite popular (especially in touristic places), but prices seems to be more ...


It is a sort of art. On cruise search engines, you could use as "cruise region/destination": "transatlantic", "transpacific". One of the most used site is CruiseCritics, but you may have seen much more sites. i think I once saw also a site which were specialized on repositioning cruises, but I do not think I could find it again quickly. In this manner, ...


Adioso gives you that option. The [Watch Prices] button shows the following dialog which lets you select a flexible date rage and a price, it then alerts you when flights below the price you set are available by email.


For tracking your points, the service you're looking for is AwardWallet (no endorsement). It's apparently the only service that is able to display the point balance of various difference awards accounts automatically. Notably, it doesn't support a few major services, like United MileagePlus, but it does support Emirates, and it's the closest I think you'll ...

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