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How can I get notified when I am allowed visa-free entry to a country, or conversely, when I am not allowed anymore to enter a country visa-free?

I can only answer for China, my main country in terms of visa requirements. I have subscribed to a few accounts on social media, from a visa agency in Shanghai on WeChat, to Chinese news outlets on ...
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Ordinary Traveller: How to use/access Timatic?

the demo link on Timatic web is broken, as you have noticed. However, there are some other ways to access Timatic for free on the web. One option is to use the United Airlines website, which has a ...
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Ordinary Traveller: How to use/access Timatic?

There are numerous third party websites that source data from TIMATIC. You won't be able to find free access to TIMATIC readily because it's a premium paid service normally bought by institutions such ...
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Where can I find the log of IATA code changes for airports with their dates?

Maintainer of here: as far as I know, you can't. I'm currently working on extending the existing OpenFlights datasets to add the dates when airport started/stopped operating, but even ...
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Two people travelling from different departures to the same destination?

I've worked on a solution for planning flights for meeting up. It is offered as a part of PanFlights, a flexible multi-modal travel search engine. You can check it out at I ...
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