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There is an exact web app that does this work - For example, here is the result of Krakow Glowny as the departure. This app only allows you to search by the station, not by the city. So in order to get all the direct trains from one city, you must repeat the search with all the stations available in a city - in the case of Krakow, ...


A few people on Reddit told me there exist Facebook groups dedicated to the border queuing times, but it's quite messy: Zach Lipton's pointer to Caltrans ...


In California, Caltrans has a website with estimates of Autos Southbound Border Wait Times for the San Ysidro and Otay Mesa crossings. has webcams for many crossings. Some are free, while others involve a fee for access.


You could use which supports a "By Bike" button up on the toolbar and, once a route has been created by clicking a series of locations on the map, offers a "Hills" profile that can be selected from the right-hand toolbar. You can then hover your mouse over the elevation profile and see a marker ...

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