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For your first and second questions, you would actually be better off taking the airport bus from Macau. According to the website of Zhuhai Airport, there is a shuttle bus that stops at the The Venetian and Studio City hotels. It costs 100 yuan per person and takes around 80 minutes. If you have WeChat, you can buy the tickets through the account called '...


How the Dutch do it We are a Dutch-British couple living in Netherlands. We want to visit China for 2-3 weeks. We both need a visa for that. Due to my partner needing his (British) passport (to enter work), we can't just send off his passport. This is not such a big problem for me, as I have a Dutch national ID card too. Well, this sums it up quite ...


It seems mostly safe. Usually 3 hours are enough. Some months ago we had a problem with Pakistan, so most airlines should not flight over it. OTOH I assume the plane will flight mush more north. In any case, from FlightRadar24 flight CA950, it is often on time. Few times just less then 1 hour delay (and twice with 1h30 delay). So it should be feasible. But ...


Per Japanese Wikipedia, there is a twice-weekly ferry service between Shimonoseki and Suzhou, China, operated by the Suzhou Shimonoseki Ferry company. A ferry to Qingdao is also listed, however it ceased operation in December 2015 due to low ridership.


You can certainly leave the airport as long as you have proper entry credentials for the country. You either need a full visa for China or depending on your citizenship you may be able to get a transit Visa:


According to Chinese embassy, Chinese citizens can apply for passport/travel documents at the nearest consulate, regardless of jurisdiction. ( To be 100% sure, you could have your spouse contact New York Consulate or email Chinese embassy in Mandarin Chinese. They are pretty good about getting back to ...


That was not very courteous, but visa stamps covering each other is not illegal and certainly won't make the passport invalid. Some overlap is actually pretty common: It is a common courtesy to place visa and stamps on a blank spot/page but not a requirement. Visa that get covered by other stamps and stickers may lose their validity when they can no longer ...

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