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Taiwan's Bureau of Consular Affairs maintains a webpage where visa information for the Republic of China (R.O.C., or Taiwan) is presented in English. That page contains the following, which sets requirements for an Indian citizen (as well as citizens of the other 16 countries listed, which names I've omitted from this Answer) to obtain a visa to enter Taiwan....


I didn't get an explanation, but according to the Osaka Immigration Bureau, I cannot leave and re-enter while passport A is expired. My guess is that an expired passport disqualifies me from the special re-entry permit and since my visa is tied to my expired passport/country, I probably wouldn't be able to re-enter the long way with my visa either.


I'm a notary in the US and once did a notarization for a woman who had a Japanese passport and a US passport; both were in force at the time I met her (around 5 years ago). Perhaps the rules have changed, or perhaps it depends on the circumstances of the person applying for the passport. You should probably consult an immigration lawyer.


You can always check the Kampuferry website for their fares and information. Keep in mind the port facility charge and fuel surcharge, which are settled only in cash and collected directly at the counter of the company at the time of check-in, both in the Shimonoseki port and Busan port. On that website you can also read about the Passenger Tax for ...


According to you need a visa by virtue of your nationality, per the notes at the end of the visa requirements table. You might be able to transit with your travel document direct by air, providing you don’t leave the transit area, providing your document qualifies as ...


According to this website (Embassy of Japan in Canada), the cost of a transit visa is C$8.00. By the way: No visa required for all nationalities if you are transiting through Japan within the same airport without leaving the secured area. (Source.)


No, you will not have any issues at all doing this. I have personally taken this exact trip multiple times without any issues. The immigration staff in Japan will know where you flew in from (it's on the card you fill out), but will not care about the fact you've come from China. (Of course, this presumes that there are no other reasons for you to have ...

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