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Will staying longer than planned in Japan cause problems?

When you arrive in Japan, you will receive a "Landing Permission" (上陸許可) sticker in your passport, specifying the date of entry, the date it's valid until, and the total duration in days: (...
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Will staying longer than planned in Japan cause problems?

My anxiousness is telling me that it's an overstay. Some countries grant entry for a period up to X days on arrival based on what the traveller states at the port of entry. Based on the text of the ...
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What is a "consecutive stay plan"?

The rate appears to be exactly what the description (if not title) of that pop-up shows - a "length-of-stay required" rate, or what is normally known as a "minimum stay" rate. It's ...
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What is a "consecutive stay plan"?

A consecutive stay (連泊) plan means basically the same in English, although it may be kind of strange to show it for English-speaking audience due to differences in marketing traditions (just like how ...
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Can I bring metoprolol tartrate to Japan?

Metoprolol tartrate is not a psychoactive/narcotic ingredient (at least not according to the Japanese government), so it is not restricted or prohibited, and you need only follow the usual procedures ...
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Can I bring metoprolol tartrate to Japan?

There is an official page from the narcotics control department listing the controlled substances and the procedures for carrying prescription drugs when entering Japan. When you enter/leave Japan ...
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Is it possible to get from the Philippines to Taiwan to Japan (or the reverse) without flying?

Theoretically, you could take the Aleson Shipping Ferry from Zamboanga - Sandakan, overland it to Fuzhou, China where you could take the ferry Fuzhou - Matsu - Keelung, go back to Fuzhou, and go up to ...
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What duties and taxes would I pay in Canada on a camera from Japan?

Is there a duty? Yes, you can make an estimation of it on the Canadian Government website Do those differ if I'm landing in BC, or since my final destination is in Alberta with lower taxes do those ...
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Dual citizenship: passport with valid visa is expired

That's complicated. I suggest putting your and your son's details separately into travel document checkers such as
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Do I need a prescription to bring medication into Japan that is prescription-only there but OTC in the US?

In practice no one cares about melatonin. In Japan, there are countless services that help local residents purchase melatonin abroad and get them shipped to Japan; people use it all the time, I have ...
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If I have a JR basic fare ticket that I've started using, are changes possible, and if so, how will they be handled?

First things first: you can make any change to your ticket even after travel has commenced, but it will cost significantly more than if you'd bought tickets for the new itinerary beforehand. In ...
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