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As others say: yes, you can. I would however recommend shipping it to the destination instead of taking it with you. It will mostly prevent damaging your computer.


There is already a similar question posted here -> Can I bring my desktop computer as check-in baggage on a flight? Basically the answer is yes but with some precautions to consider ->


If you have an Indian passport, you will need to apply for Ukrainian visa here. Unfortunately for you, they don't provide e-visas for Indian nationals.


A visa is not required to stay in the transit zone: A visa is not required to transit through the Ukraine. The traveler must be in possession of a passport valid for 6 months beyond travel dates, a round-trip or onward ticket, and a valid visa for the next destination (if required). (Source: Travisa) If you want to exit the airport, you need a visa. You ...


You cannot visit the UK and Ukraine on the same visa. None are part of the Schengen zone, both of the visas are only for their own country. Ukraine is not in the EU and the UK won't be for much longer either.


Temporary Importing a Car in Ukraine Regardless who owns the car, the documents required to cross into the Ukranian by car are the following: Compulsory personal documents: international passport, visa if needed Vehicle registration certificate International driving license “Green card” international insurance policy Upon entry, the customs officer will ...

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