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Are train times in Google Maps trustable in Tunisia?

Train times are very unreliable as lags aren't updated even in the station timetable. Advice from a Tunisian person: Unless you're traveling very late at night, ditch the train and take a shared taxi ...
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Amsterdam travel tickets

It seems to me that the link below answers your question: Visit to buy your ticket online. You can also buy your ticket in ...
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Options for travel from JFK Airport to Yonkers, NY?

If you are up to some car-free commuting, bicycle. It is possible to reach the LGA airport by bicycle from the Yonkers, therefore from there you can go further to get close to the JFK airport, but you ...
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Can I use an SN98 mask in Vienna when the requirement is for a lower-filtration FFP2?

Good news! The mask mandate in Vienna is expiring on March 1st, so starting tomorrow you may wear whichever mask you like or not wear a mask at all: The FFP2 mask mandate currently in place in all ...
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How to go from Tunis to Hammamet fast?

It's normal for taxi or bolt drivers to refuse intercity travel. The best bet is to take an 8 people van/taxi also called (louage) from: Bab Saadoun terminal (destination: Bizerte, le Kef, Tabarka, ...
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Can you create a Suica card on a foreign phone/Google Pay account?

A bit late to the conversation, but here is my input. I have two devices, my Japan-side device issues by Docomo and my overseas device, unlocked Sony Xperia. With Google, I have two accounts, my ...
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