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How do Ryanair transfers work at destination?

My experience: When I got to the destination airport, outside, there was a man waiting with a sign saying, "Ryanair transfers". I checked with him, he had my name and from there everything ...
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Self Connection in London Luton Airport

Is it possible that you might make it? Sure. Will you make it? Who knows? If: Your incoming flight is on time or early You are not parked at a remote stand You are among the first off the plane Your ...
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Self Connection in London Luton Airport

Will I make my connecting flight to Dublin? Maybe, but it's VERY risky. You will need to get off the plane, go through immigration, get out of the secure area, head over to departures, go back ...
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Defective third-party booking - what action to take?

If eDreams is at fault here (and you have evidence of that) you can probably raise a chargeback with then for service not provided. Ryanair shouldn't be affected by this, because you didn't pay them,...
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