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How can I get a refund from the Mytrip travel agency?

How can I get my refund? Try the following: use a free complaints resolution service like Resolver contact a consumer rights champion / journalist such as MoneySavingExpert or The Guardian (Consumer ...
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Given name / surname while booking a flight

The safest way of solving this is to contact the Airline. If you have time, do it via email or another channel where you can keep a record and show to gate/immigration agents in case of further ...
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Child air ticket booked as an adult ticket

This is not a problem. Child tickets are a pricing concept on some airlines that give discounts, but when it comes to actually filling physical seats on a plane, there's only two options: adult (butt ...
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Is safe to use?

I recently used MyTrip to book several flights at a time that, among other things, took me (1 adult) to see the solar eclipse in April of this year. (I live in Europe and watched the eclipse from ...
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Booking return flights for a multi-destination trip

This probably won't work for all air companies, but some of them allow making multiple legs reservation. For example on KLM I can search for your itinerary with a multi city trip This would spare you ...
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Booking return flights for a multi-destination trip

As Relaxed says, you can almost certainly find cheaper flights than you have. For the end of June, with the 3 flights spaced a week apart, I found €3700 as the cheapest option, without any tricks, ...
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How do I book a bus ticket with Comati PSG?

It turns out as pointed out by @jcaron in the comments of my post that this just is a bug with the translated versions of the website. If you use the Romanian version instead of the other languages (e....
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