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How do non-English speakers navigate through JFK airport?

It's definitely a good idea to speak to the Arline, but it's hard to say how much they can/will help. Things you can do to prepare: Write a detailed list of all the individual steps your relative has ...
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How do non-English speakers navigate through JFK airport?

This is very dependent on what languages she does speak, and what her level of experience travelling is. In particular, if she speaks Spanish and is not completely new to traveling, she should be fine....
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How do non-English speakers navigate through JFK airport?

You need to talk to the airline. Ask for wheelchair assistance for the transit so she doesn't need to navigate at all. Anyone can ask for such assistance, there is no requirement to show proof of ...
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Can you send a postcard somewhere at Cancun Airport (CUN)?

I can say that there was at least one post office box in April 2014, according to Google.
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Is there any ATM at Lima airport (Jorge Chavez International Airport, LIM) that doesn't charge any fee?

TLDR; Some ATM's will charge a fee, some will not. Majority will charge a fee for withdrawal. Most banks have a certain "network" or "chain" or ATMs that offer you free access to ...
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Is a 60 minute layover at FLL with customs enough?

I read this post prior to flying from San Salvador to LGA, with a connection in FLL. I'd like to update based on what I saw myself in September 2022. This is the LEAST ORDERLY airport i've seen ...
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How can I report taxi drivers who refuse to use the meter at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport (BKK) to the Thai airport authorities?

Unfortunately I have found no answer to this, and it's probably unlikely you can call the Thai airport authorities about this. But I can give you my general advice. Reporting them to the Land ...
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