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There are a whole string of violations here. Failure to Declare the medication. It is a crime to fail to declare anything on a long list of things you need to declare, and you bet medicine is at the top of that list. The only way out of that one is to declare "Yes, I have methadone in my bag". Otherwise if you're caught, it's big trouble, a big fine, ...


I am going to assume you want to advise them on the correct and legal behavior, not help them circumvent the rules. First, medications are exempt from the 100ml rule and everyone advises you keep your meds in carryon. (For example, here's the advice for Canadian travellers.) It should have a label that identifies it. I have never been asked to show a doctor ...


It is not legal to bring methadone into Canada without a prescription. Methadone is a controlled drug in Canada under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (it's in Schedule I, number 5 (4)). It is illegal to import a controlled drug into Canada without authorization (section 6, "Importing and Exporting"). The maximum punishment is life imprisonment; I ...


We use the very same model of clock in scrabble tournaments. Our players fly all over the USA and the world with these clocks, mostly in hand luggage without any problems. You should be fine.


It's unlikely the TSA would prohibit these. Generally speaking, "moist" things are not restricted, only liquids. From the TSA website This sounds like it falls into that category.


The only space you have a right to is the space underneath your seat. And even then, some aircraft entertainment systems take up much of that legroom. So if your bag won’t fit underneath your seat and you refuse to board without your bag with you, they may bump you to the next flight and let you board that one earlier. If there is no next flight or the ...


These are typically two different things (at least for United). Bags checked by volunteers will be checked through the final destination, get a regular baggage label, and are picked up on the carousel of your final destination. That typically happens when the overhead bins are full. Some smaller planes can't accommodate regularly sized carry on at all. In ...


Checked-in carry-on luggage will be stored in tha aircraft's hold, just like any other checked-in luggage. Where one retrieves it from will depend on the airport and airline.


All of that can go into the hold. As a generic rule of thumb, the only things that can't are those that can damage the airplane should something go wrong: corrosive fluids, flammable and explosive things. Then there is mace spray and radioactive materials and other incredible things noone sane would have anyways... See


Not a proper answer since this is just anecdotical evidence, but I've just crossed security at Gatwick airport without any hiccups. They didn't even flag mi bag for manual inspection.

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