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You are looking at the aircraft scheduling at a single point of time, which won't show the full picture. Most likely the aircraft that was planned to fly flight UA263 was delayed, or for some other reason unable to make it to ORD on time. In order to handle this, the airline had to find another plane, and the first one they had available was the one ...


Google Flight is just a marketplace for airlines and online travel agencies. It lists their flight deals, and help the interested customers to compare and book smartly. Any queries regarding the flight has to be answered by the supplier only. It will be a single ticket.


In most cases, you can either add it during the check-in process or ask any departure-gate agent working for the airline, after check-in and passing security. It doesn't necessarily have to be the gate agent for your flight, so you can go to a different desk (as long as it's the same airline) if that helps even out queues. Usually, this can also be done ...


As already stated more than once, it is definitely possible. However, you should check whether you have a contract saying that all frequent flyer benefits/points on university-paid travel belong to the university. I have had a contract like that (though it wasn’t with a university).


It is always possible to add the Frequent Flyer number later. The easiest place to do so (in my humble opinion) is when dropping off bags at a manned terminal. They will request to see your passport/ticket/boarding pass (assuming online check-in) anyway and you can just hand them your frequent flyer card additionally to get it entered. If you are unlucky ...


In case you don't do it before the flight... As alluded in other answers, pretty much all airlines allow you to "claim missing miles" even after the flight. If the frequent flyer programme is for the same airline, then you usually do it online and it's pretty straight forward (I've done it quite a few times). If it's a partner programme (e.g. you're ...


You should be able to do that on the airlines website once you have your booking code. As a last resort, you can always get it added at the airport, even after you checked in. Just make sure to do before the flight; afterwards is also possible, but a lot more tedious.


I don't have first-hand experience with the airlines you mentioned, but any other airlines I have seen lets you add frequent flyer numbers at any time. If you have the booking code and your name, you should be able to sign into view the reservation and add the frequent flyer number. You can also have it added at check-in (online or in person) and sometimes ...


I had a similar condition where the company booked a ticket for me. But while doing boarding, I asked the Airlines staffs to add credit on my frequent travel card as ticket was under my name. In addition, I took a flight from Finnair and forget to add my frequent flier. However, later I logged in to my frequent flier site and add the ticket number. It ...


Generally, yes. On almost all airlines you can select/change frequent flier accounts as often as you want until check in. Final selection typically happens during check in and most check in processes have an explicit or optional step explicitly for this.


This is, as you say, airline dependent. I know several airlines that do, and the best way for you to find out in your case is to contact the airline. In your case I would also contact your university travel department and see if they will add a frequent flier number when booking.


DEPARTURE refers to the first flight, meaning your friend's flight on January 5th. He is now AFTER DEPARTURE and those conditions apply, meaning he is not allowed to make any changes any more. That said, in my experience airlines are often more flexible than the fare conditions require them to, particularly when there is money to be made in the form of ...


You're reading it correctly: domestic economy tickets on United do not normally include any checked bags. The same is true on most other US airlines, including American and Delta. The notable exception is Southwest, where two checked bags are included with all tickets. International economy tickets commonly include one checked bag, and domestic first ...

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