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When you book an airline ticket, you agree to the terms of a contract with them, the "Conditions of Carriage," known by a variety of names. According to Boutique Air's Operator-Participant Contract, you are entitled to a full refund of the ticket price if they make a "Major Change" prior to departure. Unfortunately, a two-hour schedule ...


For what it's worth, my understanding based on the comments on this question, and multiple conversations I had with airline representatives (including gate agents and customer service call center folks) is that the airline has NO obligation to return your luggage in this situation. In my case, my worst fears became a reality. They kept us in limbo for hours, ...


None whatsoever if you are in the USA on an American carrier.


Either way you should try to recoup the taxes and fees. I think at least in Europe they're required to repay them for flights you don't use, since they're only paying them on your behalf if you actually take the flight.


It depends. Traditionally, and this is still the case in many countries, no. Airlines used to just check requirements, and they didn’t transmit anything to anyone. However, over the last couple of decades, this has changed a lot, and many counties require information from airlines either for incoming passengers or exiting passengers, or both. This takes the ...

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