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You can apply for a Schengen visa while you are a temporary resident in USA. EDIT: Schengen VISA has details regarding who and how can one apply for a schengen visa while residing in the US.


With your valid residence permit you can travel to Spain. You should take your recieved application confirmation (Poste Italiane SpA) with you. From the authorities there should be no problems when returning, but some airlines act as if they have more to say in the matter than they in reality have. Printing out the status the progress of the residence ...


The portion of the AP-7 that runs from Alicante to Tarragona reverted to the Spanish government on the first of January of 2020. Starting that day the motorway is now free to use without tolls. As the infrastructure can't be dismantled immediately, it may happen that they were still charging drivers a few days after it reverted and they have to reimburse ...

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