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So, I remembered I took pictures of the screen when I was purchasing it. And this is what it said! That I'm able to either change or refund my ticket before of after flight time.


As the other answer notes, EU261 rules do not apply here, so you receive no compensation under them. However, Turkish law recently changed with regard to automatic compensation, with the introduction of the Regulation of Air Passenger Rights which details compensation conditions and amounts very similar to EU261 rules. Turkish Airlines released a document ...


No, there will be no compensation. Neither the flight or the destination is related to the EU, so the EU compensation rules do not apply and Turkey‘s passenger rights do not include automatic compensation. And even if they did, the airline could claim extraordinary circumstances, as they can do nothing about the health situation. You are entitled to a ...


If the flight is cancelled, you will for sure have the option to receive a refund. You may also have the option to rebook at a later date without a penalty fee. Note that some airlines will try to give you a voucher rather than a refund, but you can insist on a refund (this is all by law for all flights departing from he EU). If you booked a package with ...

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