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Your passport only has to be valid during your journey, there is no 6 month rule among EU member states. Even if it was expired, you could travel to Germany with only your CIE card and no passport.


Under the EU passenger rights regulation, the airline should have offered you both rerouting and the standard compensation for lost time (where applicable). If they didn't, it sounds plausible that you have a legal claim both for the compensation and for the expenses you incurred yourself as a result of their failure to reroute you. Typically the standard ...


No, sorry about your misfortune, but use your passport. Lot of countries have an ID card, but you're British and you live in Britian, so you can't get one. There are alternative forms of ID for proving your age in the UK, like the "Proof of Age Standards Scheme", but I doubt those have any traction outside of the UK. Maybe you could use your shotgun ...


You will only be deported to a country that the deporters know will accept you. This will be the country you came from only if they know that you have permission to return there. You may sometimes ask to be deported to a specific country If You can demonstrate you have permission to enter, but in case of any doubt most countries will deport you to your ...


Yes, the relevant distance is the straight line (that is, the "great-circle distance") directly from your point of departure to your final destination. This was ruled by the European Court of Justice in Bossen v Brussels Airlines from 2017.

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