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Traveling from outside the EU to Spain with Carta d’identita?

You can use your passport regardless of the apparent overstay as you are a citizen of an EEA country and as such have no time limits within the Schengen zone, and other EEA countries. Show your ...
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Train from Verona to Bolzano with bicycles (4 people)

I searched on Trenitalia for a train between Verona Porta Nuova and Bolzano Bozen Sud in June. Among the various given options, I picked a Regionale Veloce train, and in the drop down "details&...
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Ferry schedules on Lago di Como

10 minutes is a tight connection but it's worth the risk, considering that train is not the only option to travel from Lecco to Como: there is also a bus service (line C40). Last departure from Lecco ...
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What is the official website for the Castel Sant'Angelo?

What is the official website for the Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome? Currently 404 but can look at some mirror.
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