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According to this document from AA: (...) when all the tickets are in the same PNR. Through check-in will be honored between the following carriers only: American Airlines and American Eagle oneworld airlines and affiliates Philippine Airlines is not part of oneworld, so they will not do check-in to the final destination in this situation, even if the ...


Call Amtrak and ask. You aren't the first person to be in this situation. If that doesn't yield an answer, show up at the station at 3.45am. It's likely there is someone at the station before it officially opens. Ask them. Try to check the bags as soon as you can. I doubt the station is extremely busy at 4am, and they will probably let you check them "...


It the monitor is in it’s original manufacturer’s packaging (foam and box), it should be fine. That packaging is designed for shipping from the (probably overseas) manufacturer to distributor to store/website to end user. That’s more vibration/banging/etc that you are likely to see in aircraft checked luggage.


There doesn't seem to be a specific luggage limit, however you may have to pay extra for items that exceed your "standard" storage allotment which is overhead and below your seat. The fee itself seems not a problem (less than 1.50 Euro per piece) but it's unclear how this is managed and where the extra items will go. I'm guessing a lot of it will ...


One problem you might run into is region locking of the games - Sony region locks games based on their display system, ie NTSC, NTSC-J, PAL. Brazil seems to be PAL-M based, while the US is NTSC based. Your games will get past security and customs just fine, but they might not play on a unmodified US Playstation.


Yes, you can bring a Playstation 2 and a couple of games, accessories, etc, into the US. So it will not get damaged in transit, it would be best to pack it in your carry-on bag (which TSA explicitly allows), you will just need to place it in a separate bin for screening at security check points.


That's no problem at all. Generally, you can bring with you whatever you want unless it's illegal or you are planning on selling or leaving it in the guest country. For some more esoteric items you may need something like a "carnet" for temporary importation, but a Playstation 2 is clearly NOT in that category.


If EDreams supplied you with a PNR (Aegean's 6-digit booking record number), use that number on Aegean Airlines' website to retrieve your booking details. If EDreams didn't send you the PNR, then ask EDreams to provide it, and/or ask Aegean to retrieve your booking information. When you have the PNR, retrieve your booking information from Aegean's webpage to ...

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