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If the strike was caused by airline personnel, you can claim compensation according to EC261 rules (,


It turns out this question is actually addressed in Sturgeon v. Condor, the case cited in the aforementioned answer: It is important to point out that the compensation payable to a passenger under Article 7(1) of Regulation No 261/2004 may be reduced by 50% if the conditions laid down in Article 7(2) of the regulation are met. Even though the latter ...


TL;DR: In principle, costs for a hotel are not part of the compensation and have to be reimbursed separately. However, according to EC 261, the airline does not have to pay for a hotel at the destination after arrival. You may be due reimbursement according to Norwegian law or the Montreal Convention, though. Your question, in my eyes, is two-fold. Firstly,...

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