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Can i enter the US on an ESTA before the 30 day grace period on a J1 then exit to Canada and reenter on my J1?

Travellers seeking to enter the US by air or sea pursuant to the Visa Waiver Program are required to hold an onward ticket, and the final destination of the onward ticket may not be a "contiguous ...
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Can I fly within the US on an expired ESTA?

An ESTA is not required for domestic travel, and does not need to be valid for the full duration of your stay. As long as you're abiding by the terms of the VWP (that is, you're staying in the US/...
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ESTA unnecessary anxiety

Relax. The ESTA was approved and nobody will ever look at any of the information you entered again, much less try to validate it somehow. The formatting of home address and the details of passports ...
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Can someone travel on my passport?

Not legally, no. If someone has been really "travelling on your passport" it can only be because they have a forged passport with the same name and number as yours. You should report this to ...
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