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To use your L-2 visa to enter the US (including for transit), you have to be eligible for L-2 status. L-2 status applies to dependents of someone in L-1 status, which, in your case, is your husband. You've indicated that your husband, from whose L-1 status your L-2 status is derived, continues to work for his employer in the US. So there is no reason to ...


Since you're inquiring about customs & not boarder control (aka immigration) Panama customs is generally a breeze. Should you go through, they are basically looking for import of goods worth more than $500. Generally, you'll see many Chinese at a table on the right-hand side where their copious bags of products they will be selling in their stores. The ...


After you've been through immigration and customs, there's a dedicated security checkpoint to get you back airside. In my experience at multiple airports (though I've not been through DFW), the queues at these checkpoints are short to non-existent. So while, technically, you are landside, in practical planning terms, you should think of it as being airside. ...


Sure. The US does not have exit immigration so you won't go through immigration in Dallas on your return flight no matter what you do. But when your flight from California to Dallas lands, you can follow the signs to the exits and leave. When you return to the airport, you'll go through TSA airport security and make your way to your gate. Note that the ...


If it's booked on a single ticket and your inbound flight is on time, you should be ok. Today the MSP flight came into terminal three and the PVR flight left from terminal 2. The terminals are connected airside, but you have to take the Delta shuttle bus. See


Disneyland and PVG airport or relatively close (by Shanghai standards). Easiest would be a taxi. For a 9pm departure, I would probably leave Disneyland around 6pm (actual departure from the site, NOT "starting your to make your way to the exit"). See more details at

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