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For flights booked on a single ticket: Your luggage will be checked through to your final destination in this case As long as the airline is willing to sell you that connection, they think you will make it, and they have a strong incentive to make sure that you do, because otherwise they have a duty of care: rebook your as soon as possible, pay for a hotel ...


Citizens of Cameroon do not generally need visas for airside transit to change planes in the Schengen Area, as long as you do not need to pass through immigration. However, if your airside transit is in France, Greece, or Spain, those countries do require airside transit visas from Cameroonian citizens. If your transit is in one of those countries, your ...


Passengers in transit don't count as long as you're not going to another Schengen country, which you are not. Entry restrictions A temporary travel restriction is in place until 15 April 2020 for travel from any country outside the EU to the following countries: EU/Schengen: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, ...


At the moment, assuming you are not a US citizen or permanent resident, or in a fairly small set of other aliens, you cannot enter the US within 14 days of being physically present in the Schengen area. If that restriction is still in place on June 10th, you will have to cancel or re-route your flight. But who knows: in three months' time, maybe the ...


Your additional risk in CDG is minuscule compared to the risk in the indian airport, the US airport, and the flight itself. If the flight will be happening at all, and if you are even allowed to fly - which is both unclear today - your worries about some hours in CDG are unreasonable.


Nobody can tell you what the situation is on June 10th. Coronavirus might be gone, or all flights from India might be cancelled, or all flights to France might be cancelled. At the airport, you can reduce your risk: Stay away from people (5 meters), especially coughing people, don't touch anything, wash your hands after touching anything.


Unfortunately my crystal ball isn't working today, but I will try to provide an answer anyway. I don't know why you are worried about a 2-hour layover in a location in 3 months time, which currently has very few infections. Shouldn't you be more concerned about spending 12+ hours in a thin metal tube within a few centimetres of hundreds of people? Even if ...


I've not been to this airport myself, but based on the terminal maps available from the airport website it seems that your friend is correct. The diagrams are low resolution, but I'm just about able to make out the captions. The map of the first floor isn't relevant to your question. The ground floor shows two arrivals gates (top-left, marked by a box with ...


If you have checked baggage, then no. Ryanair only offers baggage transfer at 3 airports (Fiumicino, Milan Bergamo and Porto). Source: It also seems from the answer from @Chris H that there is no airside transit option at Warsaw Modlin airport.

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