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There are quite a few online references to policy and procedures for the researchers conducting clinical trials with human subjects. Most deal with the taxation paperwork required to satisfy the IRS (such as 35% witholding) and do not touch on visa status. There is also a wide variation in policies, indicating that this is more than a bit of grey area, such ...


even though I wasn’t required to clear Customs to visit these Destinations for about 6-8 hours? Regarding the trip duration: I'm not familiar with DS 160 but I am with the N-400 Application for Naturalization Form (mirror), which does specify a minimum duration for a trip to be included in the travel history (without any condition on clearing customs): ...


Do the best you can. I provided a list of about a dozen countries that I still could remember and added a disclaimer "This is our best estimate based on an anaylysis of past travel records". That seemed to work fine. It would be good to go through your passport and make sure that all stamps that are in there are covered in the list. Make also sure ...


Yes, if you visited those countries, you should include them on lists of countries that you've visited. While, as a practical matter, it might be the case that nobody ends up caring either way, it is always better to put the information than to leave it out and potentially get in trouble for failing to include it.

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