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Can I take a laptop in my carry-on luggage and another laptop in my checked baggage, so that I don't have to pay customs duty for either of the laptops? No The duty free allowances are per person, not per suitcase. It doesn't matter if one device is packed in your carry on luggage and another in a checked bag, you have to declare the contents / value of ...


The US has no return ticket requirement except for travelers using the Visa Waiver Program. Even for those travelers, the ticket only needs to be valid to transport the traveler to a destination outside North America. It is possible that the airline refused entry based on Singapore's documentary requirements, but more likely that they were wrong to deny ...


This constilation should pose no problem. your employment ends because you are starting an education in the US, both of which you can prove If you can show that this just is a stopover (ticket to US with F1 Visa) and can finance the time in the Schengen area, this should be treated as a valid travel reason. It is basically an extended transit. Write a ...


According to the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, India, the Disability certificate issued by Government is a valid identification document for domestic flights. Reference:


As far as customs is concerned, there is no difference between checked baggage and carry-on baggage -- you go through customs after collecting your checked baggage. So your question about combined luggage makes no sense.


No, you don't. There is a diversion for International transfers at the Delhi Airport right before the Immigration checkpoint. After landing, you'll enter the arrival level of the airport. From there, you can head towards International transfers and finally, from there, you can board your next flight on the departure level.


If you like real adventure (with the possibility of getting stuck), yes it is a good time. According to me April/May is the best time to visit as you will see snow and clear sky. The transition from cold harsh winter to moderate climate is worth visiting. Check the blog. It captures the experience nicely.

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