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In India, never drink tap water without boiling it. In Delhi, when you ask nicely at any restaurant, they will usually get your bottles filled with hot water. There will be proper filtered water available in most hotels and hostels where you can fill up. The blue drums will be found in many places and you can ask where any of those are found. Also, bottled ...


I've lived in India for five years, and I believe it's better to err on the side of caution here. Why? It's important to remember that as a foreigner, your immune system is quite differently equipped compared to that of the locals. Indian ground water and tap water is often contaminated with various bacteria, other pathogens, as well as toxic chemicals ...


Delhi has a few water ATMs which dispense potable water at a really cheap price(~ 0.07$/liter). Although you have mentioned that you don't want to purchase water bottles, I'd like to mention that water bottles are relatively cheaper (not more than ~ 0.30$/liter ) in India. If you are traveling really cheap, don't hesitate to knock on a roadside house door ...


Almost everywhere I go, I carry a “Grayl.” This has allowed my to drink from irrigation ditches, small puddles, etc. with no ill effects.  Replacing a filter cartridge every three months or longer for $45 (US) definitely beats buying bottles of water every day.  Although I prefer the Grayl, it has many competitors, some of them quite good.


This is no problem at all. Yes they can take help from their group members for interpretation. Even if they are alone and require help, the border officials will have interpreters available for commonly spoken languages. Hindi is definitely one of them. The U.K. does not require standard visitors to be fluent in English. will they be sent back if they ...


So here's update 3 years later. I've did the trip in Oct-Dec 2017. So it was totally possible then, I believe it's still is now. In short: all went fine. I've went through Turkey-Iran-Pakistan-India. I'm very glad I did it this way, as all countries and its people were fantastic and incredibly interesting, especially those least known and visited: Iran and ...


Please make sure to ABSOLUTELY NOT drink water on Railway stations from so called RO-filters. Those machines haven't actually had their filters replaced in years. You will get sick drinking that water. Trust NO water in India except after carefully checking the spelling, lables 'Bisleri' and 'AquaFina'. Source: I am an Indian.


The problem is not whether you can buy more duty free at Delhi, the problem is how much you can import to India. You are only permitted to import 2L of alcohol to India without paying duty on it. If you have more than that you will be charged duty. It doesn't matter that it was bought in a Duty Free shop.


While living/travelling in several locations, me and my wife, usually, we get by drinking potable water using: the free water bottles the hotel provide as courtesy; distilled/filtered/boiled water in restaurants given as courtesy; buying them from local supermarkets/stores - 2L/5L, and leaving it in the room for (re)filling up 20cl bottles a few times; we ...


TL;DR; as of 2019.04 for groceries find a supermarket and use Visa, MasterCard or Maestro. For anything else rely on cash. To take out cash find ATM and use Visa, MasterCard or Maestro 'without conversion'... Do not expect any 'western' mobile payment systems to be available... I have been for 4 months now in India (2019.01-2019.04) mostly in Goa, however, ...


They will assign seats randomly, if you checkin online. What I usually do is, do not check-in online and go bit early, ask in counter nicely that I prefer a window seat. I always gets the window seat, when asked. I traveled in spicejet and same was the case.


They will be randomly distributed at online check-in. Note that if you want to sit together, you can always ask someone in the plane to switch. Unless you got both middle seats...not many people would switch an aisle or window seat to sit in a middle seat. Or you pay to pick your seats.


No there isn't any way to book it without disclosing the gender. There are a number of reasons to make it mandatory: There are a lot unauthorized agents which make generic/fraudulent ticket bookings and then they sell these in black at higher prices. Asking specifics like age, gender, name etc. prevents such practices to an extent. There is a Ladies ...


Don't reuse disposable plastic water bottles. This is a practice can cause significant health risks, even in a First World country with a reliable supply of tap water. These bottles were designed by their manufacturers to be used once, then thrown away, and all of their safety testing is designed around that assumption. As a result, the plastic begins to ...


Going against the grain here: Water is not the only place where bacteria live, so if you haven't been to a country before, that usually means you will stumble across some new ones. You cannot avoid touching door handles, and you wouldn't lick them anywhere else in the world, so you will have moderate exposure anyway. Make sure your vaccinations are adequate ...


Only documents you need while traveling are the following. Passport Visa Flight Ticket Proof of accommodation If the name matches in all those, you won't have any problem. Social Security card is not checked while traveling. This applies to all international travel.


A passport with a page torn out of it will certainly be considered damaged (at best), and is very likely to cause problems if presented to border agents. Your friend should replace the passport. According to the Embassy of India in Germany, replacing a passport typically takes around 2-3 weeks. The processing time may be different in other countries.


We traveled there in January, and here are some things that helped: Travel in a closed, air-conditioned car. This means that if you're using Uber or similar, splurge for the nicer cars. Make sure to ask the driver to close all windows and turn on air-recirculate. It makes a huge difference. Avoid traveling during the morning and evening rush hours. If you ...


One more glitch I ran into: if your session expires before you upload your photo (for example, if you need to spend some time scanning it etc), all uploads will silently fail with no error message of any kind, it will just kick you back to the upload page again. The only hint, and it's a small one, is that the top of the form will say "Application ID:-" ...


I read that luggage lockers are provided at major railway stations. Are these reliably secure? Last week I faced a similar issue in New Delhi when I came across 'Bagdolo'. It is a luggage storage or Cloakroom service which allows one to store luggage on hourly basis. Best part is they have storage points near major hubs across Delhi/NCR . It can be booked ...


OK, maybe we did things a little differently, but we travelled for over 5 months in India and maybe bought about 5 bottles of water the entire time. We had a Steripen Ultra, which we charged once every 5-7 days, then sterilised water from taps in a 1l nalgene bottle. Some restaurants provide hot water (very common in Kerala, even train stations had boiling ...

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