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It's impossible to say for certain without know the plane involved, but... All commercial passenger aircraft must have at least one emergency oxygen mask for each passenger. For the most part this is a simple calculation - 3 seats on each side of the aisle means 3 oxygen masks for each group of seats. However this obviously doesn't take into account any ...


This is now only of historical interest, but for a brief period between April 18, 2002 and November 30, 2003, after all Taiwan flights were moved to Narita but before shuttle flights to Seoul started, Tokyo-Haneda Airport HND served only domestic flights. With 62,876,182 passengers in 2003, this was and is almost certainly the busiest purely domestic ...


Since China was mentioned in the OP, I took a look at the busiest airports in China. The busiest one without "International" in its name appears to be Zhuhai, with 11.2M passengers passing through in 2018. This makes it the 35th busiest airport in China. I also looked at airports higher up on the list. Airports #21–34 all appear to have at least one ...


According to Wikipedia, São Paulo–Congonhas Airport served over 21 million passengers in 2017. It used to be international, but Since the opening of Guarulhos Airport in 1985, international flights no longer operate from Congonhas (...) In 2008 Congonhas lost its international category.


Another interesting case is Simferopol SIP (and Ercan ECN by the same principle). Due to the lack of international recognition of Crimea as part of Russia it can only logically offer routes to Russia, with annual passenger traffic of 5M pax/yr. Please note it's low season currently.


Of non-trivial examples, consider Tehran Mehrabad THR. I expect it actually has international terminals to be used during Hajj, but not year round. Wikipedia lists around 17M pax/yr.


@Arthur has provided a good base to answer your question. And to be fair, to quickly check if Uber is present in a specific country - it's probably the best and easiest way. However, for identifying whether Uber is present in a specific location i.e. city, town or a village, I will still advise to actually open the Uber app to see if there are any Uber cars ...


Should not be a problem. The security is trained to know these things and they won't offload your luggage because of this reason. I have personally carried hard disks in luggage several times.

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