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Never drive in the night from Kamloops to Revelstoke, the road is one line and the truck lights go directly to your face and the road lines hard to see because of that.


Your IDP is simply a translation of your existing license into several languages, with the classes of vehicles you can drive endorsed by a stamp. You'll notice that your existing IDP only has the stamp on class B (passenger cars), and does not have the stamp on class A (motorcycles), so it does not indicate that you can drive motorcycles. To be sure, you ...


I am answering my own question since I have already done the trip. Unfortunately I cannot shed the light to all the answers, but at least I can answer some of them. I have rented the car through Europcar. I experienced no issues neither crossing the border nor driving in the Northern Cyprus. I have bought insurance at the border and I think the price was ...

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