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I had another discussion with another US border officer. I was told that to use a Sentri lane, one has to have a vehicle to is easy to search (e.g., 1 individual with 1 suitcase), otherwise one has to use the Ready lane. I was also told that this is stipulated in the Global Entry pamphlet.


You commented that this was entering the US via land port-of-entry via the SENTRI/Global Entry vehicle lanes, and I think it's possible your experience was directly related to this fact. The CBP are VERY strict on travelers who use these lanes coming in from Mexico. I know people who have had their cards withheld for what seem (to us) like very minor ...


It would assume that the custom's officer was wrong. I couldn't find any reference to declaring goods on exit, not even for sales tax refunds (which the US doesn't do). Form 6059B is clearly for arrival only and there doesn't appear to exist a departure customs form, so it's unclear HOW to declare it, even if you tried to. Such a declaration rule would be ...


TLDR International driving licenses are accepted everywhere, however, they don't circumvent other restrictions, like age restrictions. No single national license is accepted everywhere. Basic understanding Some countries driving licenses are accepted by others, sometimes reciprocally, but often not. The reason for this is due to the tests that the typical ...

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