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There is also Ethel M Botanical Cactus Garden 10 miles away from downtown Las Vegas. According to the pictures from Google Maps, there are some big cacti there (I don't know whether they are Saguaro or not). Those cacti are not quite "in the wild", but the question as I stated it does not specify whether I'm looking specifically for cacti in the wild. (In ...


Your segment from Palm Springs to Phoenix will probably be along I-10, which passes through Blythe at the Colorado River between Yuma and Lake Havasu City. There will be scattered saguaro all along that stretch of road and more densely populated patches just off the highway, especially to the south-east of Blythe in southern Arizona. When I lived in ...


Leaving the Phoenix area to the east along Highway 60, there are many many Saguaro between Apache Junction and Superior. Leaving the Phoenix area to the south along the I-10, once you leave the developed area (not too far south of Chandler), you again can see many of them, and can continue to see many of them all the way until you hit the border of New ...


You can find Saguaro in South Mountain Park on the south side of Phoenix. Here's a screenshot from Google Street View showing a couple:


Saguaro cactus are native specifically to the Sonoran desert. This photo outlines where the Sonoran desert is located. According to this TripAdvisor thread, you will not see them 20 minutes north of Phoenix. They seem to stop growing above 3,000 feet above sea level. You should be able to see them south of Sedona, along I-17 interstate highway.


Generally, in the US, it is your duty to inform the DMV of the sale, together with the buyer's name and address. This is not well known, and often ignored, and with nice buyers it doesn't matter, as they will register the car, and thereby automatically remove it from the seller's record. However, if they don't, it is the seller's problem - he is responsible ...

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