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Just as an example (or rather, a counter-example), Air France allow premium class passengers to have two carry-ons and one personal item. There is no mention of exceptions to or from the US. There are probably many other such examples.


The contents of an FAA "Approved Carry-on Baggage Program" are described in this FAA document. Section 4 of this document requires, among other provisions, that carry-on egress from the aircraft not be impaired, that what a passenger can (and cannot) carry on board be specified, and that weight limits of luggage storage locations be observed. No ...


A quick scan through the FAA regulations shows (link): § 121.589 Carry-on baggage. (a) No certificate holder may allow the boarding of carry-on baggage on an airplane unless each passenger's baggage has been scanned to control the size and amount carried on board in accordance with an approved carry-on baggage program in its operations specifications. In ...


The airline will close the gate at the gate closing time stated on your boarding pass. That's the only thing that matters. "Last call" announcement are entirely optional and there are no specific rules or consistent practices that are employed. Mostly it's done if a passenger is late that has checked luggage. The airline will typically try to call ...

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