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If you don't hold a full driving licence when you arrive in New Zealand you'll need to go through the NZ licence system which starts with a theory test, followed by six months as a learner, a practical test, another eighteen months* as a restricted driver (no passengers!) and finally a third test to get a full licence. * can be reduced to twelve months if ...


yes it's possible, many rental companies offer such a service. If you perform a search on autoeurope.it (a rental car broker service which I usually use) you will find plenty of options and companies. Keep in mind that picking the car in one location and giving it back in a different one is usually more expensive than using the same location.


The official motorway website for Czech Republic offer some details on what parts of the motorway are charged and which are not. Most petrol stations sell them and you can ensure you go past one by using one of the following: When entering the Czech Republic on motorways D1 (from Poland near Bohumín), D2 (from Slovakia near Břeclav), D5 (from Germany ...


Yes you can rent in one place and return to the company in an other. This of course only works with a company with locations in both places which is willing to accept it. Depending on the company they may charge extra for the different location. Car rentals start from half a day, or even shorter, or a single day, again depending on the company. One thing ...


This is a mistake. Driving isn't book knowledge. Driving is about experience. Don't attempt to drive in a foreign country until you've racked up years of daily experience driving at home. That is why the process to get a license is so tortuous. And you shouldn't circumvent that by ticking away the months with little actual driving in that time. ...


This is impossible as you need to hold a learners licence for at least 6 months before you take the test. From the AA Website: You must be 16 1/2 or older and have held a learners license for at least 6 months to take your restricted practical test.


It is possible to cross by ferry as mentioned by this website: Ferry The car ferry Meersburg - Constance that can also be used by pedestrians or cyclists, makes trip planning even more flexible. There is another car ferry shuttle service between Friedrichshafen and Romanshorn.


No, not unless your visa is for a duration longer than three months. To convert your current driving license or an International Driving Permit into a Vietnamese driving license, the applicant must first hold a valid Vietnam permit of at least three month's validity and a current driving license or a valid International Driving Permit. Vietnam ...


In Russia's legal system, there is a distinct difference between criminal offence (уголовное преступление) and anything else: "administrative", i.e. civil, offence or fines imposed by road police. If your driving offence can be considered criminal, then yes, you should. If it can't, then better skip it. What kind of court settled your case? Did you get any ...


On an archived version of the application form, it asks: Have you ever been arrested or convicted for any offence? You said your partner was convicted for a driving offence, therefore the answer is yes. He shouldn’t get a refusal simply on the basis of that, there are other factors to consider as well.

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