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Preparing for a US visit: what health care precautions should I take?

You will need an ESTA but otherwise that should be fine. Healthcare is indeed ridiculously expensive in the US. The easy solution to that problem is to get travel insurance that covers medical ...
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Car Rental Insurance

The easiest way to get insurance for material damages is to use a credit card which offers this automatically. This is available on many credit cards starting at a certain level. These often comes ...
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Canadians U.S. Roadtrips using parent’s car. What do we need to prepare?

There are multiple levels of learner's permit for New Brunswick, but I'll assume the least restrictive version, the Class 7.
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How far does travel insurance cover stretch?

The most recent travel insurance policy I bought should cover this: We may cover journey changes caused by the ill-health of someone important to you A relevant person is a person who’s important to ...
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