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TL;DR: The easiest way to find out if you have a "proper" credit card is to ask your bank, rather than the internet at large. (Also, Hertz will only know when they try). What is the difference? A credit card is card which has its own credit account. Basically the credit card gives you a line of credit (e.g. 1000 EUR). When you spend 100 EUR, the credit ...


Just rented from Avis yesterday after arriving in Austria. They provided me with an english and german copy for myself and I signed their german copy.


California does not recognize IDPs. This Calif DMV page says: The State of California does not recognize an International Driving Permit (IDP) as a valid driver license (DL). California does recognize a valid driver license that is issued by a foreign jurisdiction (country, state, territory) of which the license holder is a resident. The IDP is only ...


You should get an international drivers permit. Basically it's a document that's internationally recognized. I don't know for India, but in Denmark it's issued by the same authorities who issues regular drivers' license. It takes 10-15 minutes to make and cost me around 4-5USD to get.


I don't know for certain, but I would guess that the "time/km" entry actually means "time or km" (rather than "time per km", which doesn't make sense). You are doing a time-based rental (because you have unlimited km), which is 6 days, at presumably $1 per day. That seems rather inexpensive, but as mentioned in the comments it may be normal for cars in that ...

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