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When it states unlimited miles it means just that. You can drive it 24 hours a day and it will not matter. Car rental with unlimited miles will be a lot cheaper and this will meet most peoples' needs.


I work for and here is the 2022 updated T&C's for taking rental cars from Tenerife to another island. Most car hire companies in Tenerife will not allow cars to be taken to the other islands except for Goldcar who have the following terms & conditions. Vehicles collected in the Canary Islands may travel to other Canary Islands ...


Most travel pricing these days is based on supply and demand and not on actual cost. The exact same airplane seat, car, or hotel room can vary by a LOT depedning on what the provider thinks they can get. I've seen a the price for a regular Holiday Inn that typically costs around $100/night go up to over $1500 (that's a factor of over 15!) There is not a ...

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