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There is a large and AFAIK free parking lot right next to the train Station in Nyborg. However, not all of the express trains stop in Nyborg. All regular trains do, and they are only 15 minutes slower. There is also paid parking inside the train station in Odense. All trains stop in Odense.


My experience with motorway services is that in most places, outside of the extreme crowded times, they are mostly clean enough and acceptable. On those days there are traffic jams on all motorways also the smaller towns and parks near motorways will struggle with the pressure. In France, the motorway services on the toll roads are good, do not leave the ...


I have a diesel car with 2L engine, when I drive with 4 bikes on the roof my fuel increases from 6L/100Km to 8.5L/100Km at around 110-120 km/h cruising speed. I have find out is better to avoid highways so I can go slower in order to decrease the fuel consumption and temptations to accelerate and drive at a higher speed :) For example driving with 100 km/h ...


I've used a Packasport 60 on my 2012 Acura MDX on a stock roof rack since I purchased it, so 8 years of use now. The Packasport looks pretty aerodynamic, and compared with other's results, perhaps it is. Based on my measurements the drag reduces my U.S. MPG by 20% when empty when I am doing about 50% freeway travel. If I am only traveling at slower speeds, ...

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