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As others wrote, that data is not publicly available for good reasons. You can try to game the system by trying to book a ticket for each flight, one hour or so before it leaves. If they are still available, you know that the flight isn't full. If you care, you can try to book 9 tickets, and if they are not available, work your way down to know how many are ...


As a rule, airlines guard details about how full their planes are ("load factor") jealously, so this data is not available to the public. However, price is a pretty good proxy for how full the flight is, and this data is available on sites like Google Flights. So if you check and see that (say) the Wednesday afternoon flight is always the cheapest, odds ...


According to this website from an independent travel guide: The mobile phone signal on the island only works in Hanga Roa and not always correctly. Cuts in calls or coverage failures are common. Timidly it is extended to other places of the island like Rano Raraku, and it is hoped that soon it will be able to arrive at Anakena beach. In the (presumably) ...


The entire Subte network (sans the Premetro Light Rail and Urquiza Line + various train yards) is underground, so there are no major elevated portions of the network. If you are visiting to see elevated stations, I believe some of the commuter rail lines just underwent considerable grade separation projects, but those are technically not part of the Subte.


The best I could find so far is (mirror): But it only ranks the worst 12 areas (which are Lima districts), and isn't more precise than the district level. Reddit user exim001 pointed me to [This map] shows the ...


Rome2Rio displays the mileage when the user clicks on the "Train" link after searching for a route. For example, I just entered "San Jose CA" and "Redding CA" and was shown the distance as 290.4 miles:

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