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Like some other users, I found this question via another one that has been closed already, today. There are three to four planes daily from German island Helgoland to Heide/Büsum. Flightradar dot com does not list this service, but I believe it still qualifies as a scheduled service. However, there's no commercial service leaving HEI/EDXB.


Arkhangelsk has two airports: Talagi, which serves Moscow & St. Petersburg, etc, and Vas'kovo, which serves towns and villages within the region. It also does helicopters. As with already existing answer, there's 20 km between these two. Also, Reykjavik airport (the small one) mostly serves airstrips in Iceland, which makes it unconnected. Or maybe ...


The Nouvelle Calédonie domestic network, operated by Air Calédonie and Air Loyauté with a hub on the Nouméa Magenta Airport near downtown Nouméa, and serving a dozen or so smaller airfield, in Nouvelle Calédonie or nearby islands does qualify. The Magenta airport page lists more than 20 departures for next friday (11/10/2019), most of them using ATR 72 so ...


Best as in "simplest, most convenient": call a taxi. It'll take anywhere between 20 and 50 minutes depending on traffic, and will cost you 39 to 42 euros (35 euros flat fee Paris Right Bank to Orly + 4 or 7 euros booking fee). Alternatively, Uber, LeCab, Chauffeur Privé, etc. (prices vary). Taxis have the advantage of being able to use bus lanes, but that ...


You can travel alternative by bus. An example of such a company is this.

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