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As an EU citizen, you have a right to travel to Germany with minimal fuss. As a minor, Germany will try to protect you against running away from your parents or being abducted. According to German law, your legal guardians have the right and the duty to determine your locaction. They should do that in accordance with your age and maturity, so the law does ...


I think it is true. You probably won't need a consent letter from your parents, but it couldn't hurt to have one. I would probably carry a letter signed by both of them, along with photocopies of their passports or IDs showing a matching signature. But I suppose you are unlikely to have to show it to anyone. You won't normally encounter government ...


Just an addition about the issues regarding hotel bookings. It is not directly required by law in Germany to be over the age of 18 to book a hotel room, but there are so many legal grey areas and pit-falls to consider, that most hotels don't allow persons under 18 to book a room or even use a room alone, if they are travelling alone without a parent or ...

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