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My Schengen visa (Norway) was rejected even after I did everything right. What could be the reason?

They have told you the reason. You may be sure that their reasoning is wrong, but the granting of visas is not a "do all the right things you get one" situation. They want to see that you ...
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If I arrive in the UK, and then head to mainland Europe, does my Schengen visa 90 day limit start when I arrived in the UK, or mainland Europe?

The 90 day clock starts when you arrive in mainland Europe. The UK isn't in the Schengen Area, so your time there has no effect on your Schengen time limit. It's worth noting that the EU and ...
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UK visit visa denied for lack of financial proof. Should I reapply, claiming my uncle as a sponsor?

You need your bank statements. Since you are decently employed with an ongoing work visa for Japan, suddenly switching to saying your uncle will pay for everything and still not showing your own ...
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Is it a bad idea to travel to the USA when I have been to China with the same passport?

You do not need a new passport. China is the third biggest trade partner of the USA next to Canada and the European Union. China is the country which sends the 7th largest number of tourists to the ...
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What steps should I take to lawfully visit the United States as a tourist immediately after visiting on a B-1 visa?

As a Canadian, you do not need a visa to be admitted in B-1 (business visitor) or B-2 (pleasure visitor) status. (You are also not eligible to participate in the Visa Waiver Program; Canadians are ...
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Declaring a visitor to the UK as my "girlfriend" - effect on getting a Visitor visa?

First of all, I applaud your resolve to be truthful in the application. Definitely tell the truth. Having said that, visiting a boyfriend or girlfriend can indeed be a bit of a red flag to ...
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Declaring a visitor to the UK as my "girlfriend" - effect on getting a Visitor visa?

From personal experience I don’t believe this is true, and I do believe it is always best to tell the truth in any visa application. My partner is Cuban. It is notoriously difficult for Cubans to get ...
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US entry with tourist visa but past alcohol arrest

But from what I’ve read, a Visa doesn’t guarantee entry... what are the chances of me now being denied entry by an agent at the border? Exceedingly small. That disclaimer is there because the ...
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Do I need to disclose a penalty fare ticket in the offence and conviction section of my visa application?

Firstly, and most importantly, non-disclosure of material facts can have tragic consequences that follow a person for a long time. This community recommends always disclosing all material facts. The ...
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Can my Serbian girlfriend apply for a UK Standard Visitor visa and stay for the whole 6 months?

In theory, yes, she can do this. The limit is six months, and if she plans to stay for six months or less, it's allowed. The problem is that she is likely to be denied, because a "genuine visitor" ...
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On what visa is it legal to work for a bed/food in the USA?

Any kind of work effectively connected with U.S. i.e. performing some labor and getting any kind of compensation (not necessarily monetary) is not allowed on tourist visa. What you describe fits into ...
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USA Tourist Visa Extension due to Covid-19 also Airlift for Indian nationals in the US details

She can file Form I-539 for Extension of Status at any point up until her status expires. The application just has to be officially received by USCIS before her status expires. If she filed her ...
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What to do when in Malaysia and visa expires during lockdown?

UPDATE: Flights are operating to Indonesia that allows you to fly out, at a very reasonable price. The below advice still applies if your host country ceased flights, like India, or your country of ...
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Implications of Temporary Internal Border Control in Schengen Countries

There is no problem. Your single-entry visa is valid for a single entry to the Schengen area. The temporary controls are checks, not actual entries and exits from the Schengen area. All the ...
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My Schengen visa (Norway) was rejected even after I did everything right. What could be the reason?

I'm not sure what could be the reason? It's the previous paragraph: The rejection came today pointing to "no strong ties to country". They said I'm "young, unmarried, and without ...
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Can I go out of the airport during a connecting intra-Schengen flight when I have a single-entry visa?

If you have a flight from Madrid to Amsterdam, there's no way you will get an exit stamp. This means you will still be in Schengen when arriving to Amsterdam, and can go out as you please. You will ...
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ESTA was not approved but I have a valid visa

If you and/or your father were born in Syria, then it's likely that you are considered a national of Syria - at least by Syria itself. This is true regardless of whether you consider yourself a ...
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Visiting the UK as unmarried couple

If you are both just visiting the UK, the authorities will not be very bothered by what your relationship to each other is. They are really only concerned about whether you will both leave at the end. ...
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Can I get back into the USA to visit after overstaying with a new passport?

Your admissibility or lack thereof depends on your personal circumstances, not on your passport. Using a different country's passport to apply for a visa, for ESTA, or for admission does not change ...
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American with visa entry to France. May he land in Belgium when coming to Europe for the first time?

It's very odd for an American to have a tourist visa for France. However, it's also true that people frequently use the term "tourist visa" to refer to the visa-free short stay that US ...
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When applying for a USA B1/B2 visa do I need to declare previous L1 or H1 rejections in older/ expired passports?

Refusals don't expire, least of all in any way that has anything to do with passports. Refusals are on you the person. If you were a dual citizen and carried two nations' passports, you'd have to ...
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Japan - Any leeway for max visa duration due to unforeseen circumstances?

Give yourself some leeway with your departure date. Don’t rely on ‘understanding’ from Immigration officials of any country if you overstay your visa. In Japan, according to
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Can I sell the photographs I take on a tourist visa?

It's difficult to give a concrete, sourced answer to this without knowing which country we're talking about. However, in most cases, I wouldn't worry about it if I was you, as long as your main ...
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US Visa DS-160 mistake

You haven't necessarily made a mistake as the B2 visa is meant for tourism. The State department lists these as valid uses of the B2 visa: Tourism Vacation (holiday) Visit with friends or relatives ...
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Can I enter Germany as a tourist without a return flight with my German husband and kids and apply for family reunion visa there?

will they accept that I'm eligible for a Family Reunion Visa Citizens of certain countries may apply for a residence permit while in Germany. New Zealand is one of these countries. You enter Germany ...
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On what visa is it legal to work for a bed/food in the USA?

Do not try this on a tourist visa, immigration will send you back if they find out. This article (in German) describes a similar case: a 20 year old girl wanted to visit her relatives(!) in the US ...
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Visitor visa refusal for student friend

I suggest starting with this excellent post as it explains the role and purpose of statements. Regarding the rest of your questions: He brought money in cash from his home country and deposited ...
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Visiting the UK as unmarried couple

I think your issue might be that you're misusing a critical term. "Sponsor" is a specific term that has nothing to do with who is paying for a trip, and since neither of you currently hold a UK visa, ...
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Volunteering work

No. You basically trying to work while on a tourist Visa. Getting paid through a third party doesn't change that.
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